Singlish Campus Cat Stickers (set of 15)


Express yourselves with caricatures of our campus cats!

Each set of Singlish stickers is available in sets of 15 that have been cut in squares(shapes shown here for illustration only).

Designed by Merlin Cheng / all rights reserved

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Singlish is eponymous in our culture, and being Singaporeans, our campus cats are fluent in the creole that so defines university and student life. They’ve posed for these pictures and given their reactions so that you can ask ‘Is dat food?’, groan ‘sian sia’ during boring lectures, and complain ‘walau eh’ when the lecturer gives you a pop quiz. If you’ve graduated and have a job, our cats can give you encouragement (‘You can do it!’) or make you feel proud (‘Superstar!’).

The campus cats have also kindly given us the right to their imagery on Telegram, available as a set of stickers for free here:

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