Unker Robbie’s Postcards (set of 3)


This postcard set contains three of Unker Robbie's best sayings and advice for 2017, along with Unker Robbie's likeness.

photos by Merlin Cheng, Ng Yi Shu / all rights reserved

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Hello, I am Unker Robbie. Last time when Unker was a young boy, Unker travel a lot. Know a lot of things. Every time I go overseas, unker will try to send postcard. Some postcard very nice, got feel, even now unker will still keep. Most postcards got no feel one.

That’s why unker very proud to help human make postcard. I know unker old liao, got experience, and want to tell you the value of being old – the Pioneer Generation Package. But then hor, human tell me I will sound like Mediacorp liddat, and people already watch TV so they don’t want.

Anyway right, unker contributed three of unker’s best sayings that came to unker’s head to this postcard set. See if you all like or not.

The reverse side of the postcard is blank, because last time unker send postcard is liddat one. Or is it that unker has been sending photos? Unker forget already.

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