Bring Eve home today

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Since our first encounter with Eve back in March, Eve has been steadily progressing beyond her harrowing experience of being abandoned on our campus grounds. Under the foster care of Ronald, one of CMN’s staff advisors, she has blossomed into a tremendously sweet and loving cat, from the nervous grey tabby that was found cowering within the dark crannies of the ADM building.

Eve enjoying the warmth of familiar arms

We put out adoption calls on social media platforms for Eve, and we sought out to bring Eve to adoption drives for potential adopters to see how affectionate Eve can be.

But being surrounded by strangers can be a stressful experience for cats, and we quickly realised that Eve wasn’t her usual self. She quietly holed herself up in the corner of her enclosure, as people sought to pet her.

Eve feeling out of place at the recent adoption drive, organised by Cat Welfare Society

While this undoubtedly sets us back in our efforts to get Eve adopted, we still want to find that special someone who is willing to take the time to gain Eve’s trust, and give her the forever home that she deserves.

Eve is affectionate towards people whom she is familiar with, and often enjoys receiving pats and cuddles from them. She also has the endearing habit of following her caretaker around the house, and finds joy in toying with plastic bags.


Being her usual, calm self within her safe abode

She’s lived for a period now with our dearest Bobbs, who got himself trapped under a hall block late last month. They do interact well, though Eve keeps her distance. With proper support, we think Eve can integrate into a multi-cat household.

Eve checking out Bobbs for the first time


“Well, Bobbs doesn’t really sweep me off my feet, but I guess he can hang around.”

Eve has been sterilized and dewormed, and is FIV and FELV negative.

Will you be the Adam to our Eve? Contact us at now for a personal meet-and-greet session with Eve! Interested adopters will be assisted in the necessary adopter’s questionnaire and adoption checklist, and a house visit will be performed to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

For Adoption: Junior, Adam, and Peanut

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In this past month, NTUCMN has found five new cats on campus – Junior, Lion, Teh Bing, Adam, and Peanut. We have taken these felines under our care. However, our resources are limited; these difficulties lie in the way of integrating the new cats into the campus community.

Our goal is to find loving, forever homes for these precious felines. We are doing our utmost to find suitable environments for them to reside in permanently. Two of them have already found homes.

Teh Bing is being integrated into Hall 7 –

while Lion has found a loving home.

The remaining three felines are still in search of forever homes.

Read on if you are interested to learn more about these three bundles of joy!

All three cats are bi-coloured tabbies with yellow eyes and long tails. All of them are male.

Adam (1+ years old)

Adam is a very friendly and outgoing cat that loves to interact with people.

Adam shelf

He is confident, vocal and always ready to have a good time! He also harbours an unguarded curiosity, which makes him all the more endearing.

Junior (1+ years old)


Junior is a sweet-natured cat that simply adores shoes.

He is extremely affectionate, especially when you shower him with lots of cuddles! Junior is pleasant and warm towards people, and will reciprocate the love that you give to him.

Peanut (2+ months old)

Peanut in carrier

Peanut is a meek and gentle kitten that loves to play with humans.

Peanut sleeping

He is young, inquisitive and likes to take naps on people’s laps. He is an amicable cat and enjoys regular doses of cuddles.

If you are interested in adopting any of these loving felines, do contact NTUCMN via email at

Our volunteers will assist in the necessary adopter’s questionnaire and adoption checklist, as well as perform a house visit to ensure the safety of all parties involved. We closely follow an adoption policy similar to those of the Cat Welfare Society and other cat rescue and welfare groups in Singapore, adapted for use in a campus setting.

You can find our adoptions policy here:

Our Adoptions Policy

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From time to time, NTUCMN will receive calls from students or the campus administration reporting to us about kittens on campus. Other times our cats on campus may contract a chronic illness, and given the campus’ maturing cat population, there will be more cats – like Charlie from Hall 11 – that will require adequate care.

One of our goals is to ensure that cats in our care will enjoy an environment safe from harm, and we will, depending on the situation, put our cats up for adoption. Cats put up for adoption will usually come in these categories:

  1. Kittens found on campus but are too old to be taken in by partner organisations
  2. Kittens born from pregnant female strays trapped during our TNR programs. (Unlike other cat rescue organisations, NTUCMN takes a ‘pro-life’ stance with pregnant strays and will not abort a pregnant cat.)
  3. Cats that are in the early stages of a chronic condition and/or are unsuitable for a life outdoors (like Currie/Genesis, a victim of abuse)

Anyone wishing to adopt a cat from NTUCMN first completes an adopter’s questionnaire.

Depending on the response to this and on the needs of the cat, visits to your home may be arranged; in addition, we may also invite you to visit the cat along with us. 

If you wish to adopt a cat, please contact our main committee members via email.