Alumni mentor networking event was held in 16th of May 2014 as a joint event by Career and Attachments office and NTUGSC-C&E committee. The main goal of this event was to make an opportunity for PhD students to get an insight into the industry, their job prospects and accomplishments required for their desired job.

In this event, 8 mentors took part with background in Biomedical Research, Computer Engineering, EEE, IT and ME and they were form A*Star, NUS, Nielsen Singapore, SAP Asia. Events started with a networking session during refreshments serving and followed by giving an introduction about each mentors by organisers. It helped the participants to choose the mentors which suited more their concerns and majors to join them.

Mentors, based on their experience, provided helpful information related to both research and industry work and of course participants were free to ask them about their specific concerns they might have such as working in an area different with what they have studied in, or the importance and role of publications in both finding the job and later on, for promotions. Participants, also, asked mentors about how they can prepare an impressive CV and which factors differentiate between an average and a high-level one. Moreover, students discussed job interview with the mentors and got some views on how they should prove their strength and how they can deal with the areas they are week in them during an interview.