The first talk session of career talk series under the name of Connect to Corporate (C2C) organized by NTUGSC- career and entrepreneurship committee and IEEE YP in collaboration with NTU career and attachment office was held on 25th August 2014. This event was kindly sponsored by IEEE Technology Management Council. In this talk more than 100 graduate students attended and three speakers with great expertise shared their experience in both career and entrepreneurship areas with audience.

The first speaker, Michael Koh was the regional head of procurement, APAC, T-system and leads the procurement strategies for IT hardware, software and services purchases. He started his talk by describing procurement as a promising job and its responsibilities in rising companies’ revenue and profit. Then he continued by reminding that “the only constant is change” and asserted that if a company wants to succeed in todays competitive environment, offering innovative products with reasonable price is indispensable.

He tried to motivate students toward thinking about their future plans more seriously by saying that only 10% of students have clear vision about their future career direction and their future income will account for 80% of world’s revenue. He advised the students to think about what they want to do in the future and then start listening to people who are successful in that particular area.

The second speaker, Ashwin, has been a talent acquisition business partner for 11 years. He has attracted best class talent for large multi-nationals in Asia pacific including T-system, SAP, Lawson software. He started his talk with a video to remind the importance of IT in the modern world. He shared some idea about the share of IT in Singapore’s economy to insist on the bright and promising prospect of IT industry. He mentioned that in 2013 about 146700 people were working in the IT industry and more interestingly, the total income of this industry accounted for 39.81% of total Singapore’s income.

After given some explanations about different parts involved in IT industry and different career opportunities in this area, he shared valuable advices for job haunting process. Regarding preparing a good CV, based on his advice, it’s much better to be to the point when writing the CV and avoiding mentioning irrelevant information. In continue, he talked about the factors employers are looking for when interviewing applicants for a job. According to his experience, being fast learner and a potential future leader, flexible and adaptive to changes and having capability of working independently and handling stress are the crucial values and skills employers are seeking for.

The last speaker, Kevin Chan, was the co-founder and CEO of Coursepad, a proprietary mobile learning platform for organizations. His group aimed to improve effectiveness of corporative e-learning by making courses more social, exiting and engaging. He began his speech by introducing his company, its vison and the steps it has passed toward success, starting-up from scratch by lending only three ipads and following a continuous success. He, as a young prosperous entrepreneur, gave indeed and inspirational talk to motivate students to give up their comfort zone and move toward success and discovering opportunities which are all around us. He also warned that when starting a new business you can’t expect to make money during the first year, you might stay financially dependent to your family while your friends who are employed in the other companies might have good salary but despite of difficulties and pressures you should not give up and just keep working with passion and right motivation. The session ended with offering memorial gifts to the speakers and the discussion between participants and speakers continued during the refreshment serving.