The  NTU-GSC  Career  &  Entrepreneurship  Committee  is  committed  to providing opportunities to students to gain insights into different industries. In line with this goal, NTU-Career and Attachment Office in collaboration with GSC C&E invited Zalora for an information session on August 28, 2014. The speaker for the session, Michele Ferrario, managing director, Zalora, gave an inspirational talk on “How to build a billion dollar company?” in Zalora. Zalora has  manifested  itself  as  one  of  the  leading  online fashion retailers in Southeast Asia & Pacific region since 2012. The headquarter of this company is located  in  Singapore  but  their  offices  are active  in  Indonesia,  Malaysia, Hong  Kong, Thailand,  Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei,  Australia  and  New Zealand.

Michele, who is currently overseeing Zalora’s finance, logistics, supply chain, customer services  and  production  functions,  began  his  talk  by introducing  some  of  the established  companies  such  as  Ford, Starbucks, Zappos,  nuttella  and  airbnb,  and stated  their  milestones,  how  they have started their business, continued it and managed their failures. He stressed that  developing  an  innovative  idea,  the  ability  to  attract investors  and forming a professional and motivated group to evolve your idea are the three angles of the success triangular and without the two later ones, an idea will remain only an idea forever. He said that in order to convince investors, the idea should have a potentially big market and the start up should have the potential of becoming the dominant player. Moreover, the team to evolve the idea  must  be  stable,  strong,  close, and complementary  and  must  possess multi competency.

To elucidate  the  long-term  prosperity  of  the  online  shopping  market, Michele mentioned  that  in  Europe  online  shopping  account  for  10%  of the total value of shopping while this number currently is only 1% in Asia. The point  of  interest  is  that  it is following  an  upward  trend  and definitely will reach to 10% or more in the future. This huge room to grow makes obvious the promising future of the companies which are active in providing online shopping services. At  the  end,  he  informed  the  audience about several  job  vacancies available  in  Zalora  company  and  stressed that  Zalora  always embraces innovative ideas and is looking forward to receiving resumes from motivated applicants.  The  event  ended  with  a networking  session  where in  the interested audience  discussed  about the available job/internship opportunities in Zalora and tips and tricks in starting a new business.