The Grad High Tea session was convened on 2nd August 2013 in LT1. This was the official welcome reception organised by GSC for the graduate freshmen and was attended by the senior management of NTU as well as GSC members.

The main rationale behind organising such an event was to provide students a chance to familiarize with NTU-GSC and the student life in campus.

The first half of the session consisted of talks form the university management. Prof Kwok Kian-Woon, Associate Provost & Prof Alex Koot, Associate Dean (Graduate Studies) spoke to the students about the academic and student life respectively in NTU. This was followed by talks by the GSC president Vivek Manoharan and the representatives of the various committees of GSC in-order to give freshmen an overview of council.

The highlight of the session was a special dance performance prepared by the senior as well as freshmen graduate students to the popular number “Happy- Pharell Williams”. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

This was followed by high tea refreshments.

After refreshments, there was a movie screening of “the PhD movie by Jorge Clam”. This movie deals with the various phases in a graduate student life which many of us can relate to.

A sneak peak at what the grad freshmen have to say about the event:

1. Coffee Che
Nationality: Chinese
Programme: Masters-Mass Communications, Wee Kim Wee School
“A well organised event. I enjoyed the dance a lot, very well coordinated and I really appreciate the efforts put in by the GSC members who participated.”

2. Marta biff
Nationality:  Italian
Programme:  Masters –  RSIS
“A very well organised event. I was surprised by the dance performance. Please do organize some dance workshops GSC! “

3. Divyanshu kathuria
Nationality: Indian
Programme: Masters- Supply Chain Management, MAE
“An informative session. It is good to know more about the place where I would be spending time for the next year. There should be more events like these. “

4. Xiao weiyao
Nationality: Chinese
Programme: Masters, CEE
“I was fully satisfied with all the orientation events organised by GSC. I liked the movie in particular.”

5. Nijat Mirzabayov
Nationality: Azerbaijani
Programme: Masters- Information Systems
“I got a lot of information in this session and also interact with our seniors during this event. You guys have been very supportive. Thank you. “

6. Tanaya Chaudhuri
Nationality: Indian
Programme: PhD, IGS
“I like this event the most out of all the orientation events so far. This was more interactive; I liked the games organized and the movie.”

7. Xiong  Aoli
Nationality: Chinese
Programme: PhD, SBS
“I got to know a lot of information today. Great dance performance.”

8. Abhishek Jain
Nationality: Indian
Programme: PhD, IGS
“The High Tea event was a good mix: informative as well as fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the unexpected dance that happened in the middle of the event.”