Phil Libin, CEO and co-founder of Evernote, says “now is the best time in the history of the universe to start a company because we live in a geek meritocracy.”

With the aim of training and motivating future NTU entrepreneurs, Career and Entrepreneurship committee (C&E) of GSC has organised a series of workshops under the name of “E-ride”. The workshops offer an aspiration ride to become a successful entrepreneur. The first workshop, named “I-Cube”, was held on 31 January 2015 and focused on igniting, investing and ideating.

H.K. Ann, Founder of “Light a Dream”, Singapore, was the speaker for the “ignite” section. He gave a motivational and inspirational talk and tried to ignite participants to start the journey of entrepreneurship. He said that the key point with an entrepreneur is that they are ready to walk away from what is good to achieve what is great. He added that the path of becoming a successful entrepreneur passes through many failures and one should be committed enough to never ever give up.

He emphasized that the comfort zone is in fact the prison zone and to become an entrepreneur, one has to break away from it. H.K. Ann. said expanding the comfort zone is equal to expanding the money zone and one should decide to play at higher levels. He mentioned that visualizing success can give us the courage to leave our comfort zone. This can make the subconscious mind happy and motivated to endeavor and take risks.

The speakers of the second part, “Ideate”, were Pina Marziliano, Associate Professor in the school of EEE, NTU, and her husband, Peter Arnoud Bensen, co-founder of PABenson. They started by giving an introduction to how they established their company and evolved their goals, plans and targets. They talked about resources, facilities and opportunities in NTU for those who are interested in building a business product based on their research.

In the “Invest” section, Sandeep Chatterjee, CEO and founder of Flexione Pte Ltd, shared his experience, thoughts and findings in his entrepreneurship life. He said that an entrepreneur should always be flexible enough to change his/her direction, as well as to add services and products. He mentioned that to succeed in this journey, one needs to accept challenges and look at problems as opportunities. He emphasised that he could find enough time to pursue his passion—music, only because he has chosen to be an entrepreneur.