On January 25th 2015, GSC hosted its inaugural Leadership Day, an initiative designed to foster leadership skills among GSC’s directors and committee members. In addition to promoting team bonding, this event was designed to enhance Council performance, thus allowing GSC to better serve the graduate student population of NTU.

The first half of Leadership Day consisted of a workshop hosted by Common Purpose, an organisation run by experts in leadership training. The focus of the talks was on Cultural Intelligence, a key proficiency necessary for operating successfully in a multicultural society such as Singapore. Student leaders were asked to reflect on their own experiences of encountering and embracing cultural differences. A series of speakers also gave their opinions and advice on how to communicate efficiently cross-culturally while leading a team.

The second half of the day was spent at Changi Beach Park, where an evening BBQ provided the perfect setting for participants to exchange ideas and share their thoughts on the workshop.

GSC hopes to continue this initiative in coming years so as to ensure a solid skillset lies at the core of the Council, allowing greater representation of and interaction with the graduate students of NTU.