Career & Entrepreneurship Committee of NTUGSC has conducted a series of career talks, and recently invited Mr. Patrick YC Lim to share “How to Design Your Life as Professional, Investor or Entrepreneur”.

Date/Time/Venue: 24 August 2016/05:00 pm – 07:00 pm/ LT 20

Brief about the speaker

  1. Patrick Lim is one of the founders and principal trainers for Colt Academy, an organisation with a vision to impact the world positively by developing a community of leaders and transforming their world.
  2. Patrick is a very quiet unassuming successful entrepreneur. He started off as a young apprentice 40 years ago learning Accounting, Marketing and Investments. As a business owner, he is the Managing Director and shareholder of a German MNC in Singapore.
  3. Patrick is also directors for several other organisations, and manages his own property investment portfolio. His passion is in building people to become successful.
  4. Patrick is a Certified Professional Trainer and Coach with IPMA,UK. He is also Certified Designer of learning curricula for WDA. He studied Psychology and completed PostGrad Dip. in Organisation Psychology and Human Resource Management.
  5. Patrick is taking a more relaxing lifestyle in his 60s,, compared with his frequent travels 10 years ago being invited to speak in Australia, namely in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane; New Zealand at Auckland City; and in Malaysia.


  1. What would be the first thing you do when you graduated? Get a job? As the saying goes, “A good Architect designs a home rather than a house; A great States-person created a vision for the country; A brilliant General of war strategies to win before engaging into battle”.
  2. How about taking a time and planning ahead? How would you want your life to play out many years on? Would you end up as an entrepreneur, a professional, an investor or a monthly wage earner?
  3. “Design Your Life” is a program to help you to plan ahead, determine what you want, and design your life with the end goals in mind.




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