The NTUGSC Career & Entrepreneurship Committee and NTUGSC Partners have recently invited Mr. Chester Chen to make a “Financial Management Talk” to NTU graduate students.

Date/Time/Venue: 28th Sept, 2016 (Wednesday), 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm, LT-15 

Brief about the speaker

Chester Chen graduated from Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). He has been in the financial services since graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Backing and Finance, accumulating 8 years of invaluable experience speaking to his client across different age group and profile.

He is currently working in the Central Police Division, Great Eastern Financial Advisers Private Limited (GEFA). GEFA is officially launched in March 2011, Great Eastern Financial Advisers (GEFA) has grown to be the biggest FA firm in Singapore.

Talk Synopsis

Mr. Chester Chen gave an interesting talk to our students. Firstly, he talked about the different kinds of investments, and their respective features. Then, he explained the notices and requirements when you are planning for your future wealth. Also, he shared some skills to estimate and prevent risks. In the case studies and discussion, he emphasized the importance of protecting yourself against financial mishaps due to medical conditions such as illness and disease. In the following Q&A session, he interacted with audience and answered the questions, such as the pros and cons of financial products and the reasonable percentage of personal wealth for investment, etc.