The NTU-GSC Career & Entrepreneurship Committee has recently co-operated with other organizations to hold the “IEEE HardTech Summit 2016”.

Date/Time/Venue: 26th November 2016 / 9am–5:15pm / HSS Auditorium (HSS-B1-14 14)

Speakers and talks:

  • Nivas Ravichandran – IEEE Region 10 Young Professionals Coordinator
    Welcome Note – IEEE HardTech Summit 2016
  • Ramakrishna Kappagantu – IEEE Region 10 Director 2015–2016
    Welcome Address – IEEE HardTech Summit 2016
  • Han Boon Siew – A*STAR Driverless Vehicle Program, Department Head at Institute for Infocomm Research
    Creating a Driverless World – Opportunities & Challenges
  • Ashok Krishnan – NTU Graduate Student Council (GSC) Vice-President Executive
    “NTU Graduate Student Council”
  • Rejeki Simanjorang – Electrical Capability Group, Rolls-Royce
    “Challenge in Power Engineering: Innovation on High Power Density Converter”
  • Dustin Jefferson – CEO and Co-Founder of uHoo
    Journey of a Hardware Startup
  • Junyang Woon – CEO and Co-Founder of Infinium Robotics
    “Drones in Warehouses”
  • Zishan Ali (NTU world of Wisdom)
  • Alexa Zotova – Principal of Ruvento Ventures
    “Scaling your Hardware Technology Startup”
  • Aisa Mijeno – CEO and Co-Founder of SALT
    “Sustainable Alternative Lighting – SALT”
  • Supavadee Aramvith – EPICS in IEEE + Region 10 Education Activities Coordinator
    “EPICS in IEEE – Funding for Hardware Technology Products”
  • Alejandro Alonso (CTO of Infinium Robotics)
    “Panel Discussion – Hardware Technology Opportunities & Challenges”
  • Kelvin Ong – CEO of Focus Tech Ventures
    “How to Pitch your Hardware Technology Product? Expectations and Reality”
  • Tan Eng Tong – CEO and Co-Founder of Cytron Technologies
    “Learning with Reconfigurable Robots”
  • William Temple – CEO and Co-founder of Ampotech
    “Going Beyond the Energy Meter for Smarter Buildings”
  • Chia Lih Wei – CTO and Co-founder of TinyMOS
    “Tiny1: the World’s smallest astronomical camera”


The aim of the summit was to bring together various people, from different countries, involved in hardware technology, such as entrepreneurs and investors, as well as students, presenting and discussing cutting edge hardware technologies.

The audience resulted involved and engaged in the talks, as testified by the conspicuous number of questions asked during the Q&A session at the end of every talk.

The lunch and refreshment breaks were a fruitful moment for networking, both for speakers and people from the audience, and a good occasion to learn more about the technologies presented, also thanks to demos of products such as the robot Rero from Cytron Technologies and the smart-egg from Aico Technologies.

After the welcome speeches of Nivas Ravichandran (IEEE Region 10 Young Professionals Coordinator) and Ramakrishna Kappagantu (IEEE Region 10 Director 2015–2016), introducing the IEEE and the IEEE HardTech Summit 2016, the speakers gave their own talks, as follows:

  • Han Boon Siew (A*STAR Driverless Vehicle Program) introduced the public to the autonomous vehicles, highlighting the actual developments in this field, both in Singapore and abroad, as well as the opportunities and challenges of such technology. He also presented his latest researches concerning self-driving vehicles.
  • Ashok Krishnan (NTU GSC VP Executive) introduced the audience to the NTU Graduate Student Council (GSC), explaining its aims and its structure (i.e., Committees and Members) and pointing out GSC efforts to improve students’ university life.
  • Rejeki Simanjorang (Electrical Capability Group, Rolls-Royce) introduced the public to power engineering, evidencing the innovation challenges in this field.
  • Dustin Jefferson (CEO and Co-Founder of uHoo) introduced the audience to his hardware start-up uHoo, producing an indoor air monitor. In particular, he shared his personal experience in creating and developing a start-up and an innovative product.
  • Junyang Woon (CEO and Co-Founder of Infinium Robotics) introduced the public to the drones currently developed by Infinum Robotics, meant to be used in warehouses for autonomous inventory scanning and physical stock-taking.
  • Zishan Ali (NTU world of Wisdom) introduced the audience to NTU World of Wisdom and its recently organized events, as TEDxNTU.
  • Alexa Zotova (Principal at Ruvento Ventures) introduced the public to Ruvento Ventures, a Singapore-based accelerator and seed capital firm focusing on global investments in consumer hardware, robotics and IOT. She also gave information about the Enchant VC accelerator program.
  • Aisa Mijeno (CEO and Co-Founder of SALT) introduced the audience to his start-up SALT, sharing her personal experience as a researcher and entrepreneur, from the very beginning (i.e., idea) to the final stage (i.e., commercialization of her eco-friendly lamp powered by tap water and table salt).
  • Supavadee Aramvith (EPICS in IEEE) introduced the public to EPICS in IEEE.
  • Panel Discussion concerning hardware technology opportunities and challenges.

Moderator: Mohan Belani (CEO and Co-Founder of e27)

Panellists: Alejandro Alonso (CTO of Infinium Robotics), Kelving Ong (CEO of Focustech Ventures) and Alexa Zotova (Principal of Ruvento Ventures).

  • Kelvin Ong (CEO of Focus Tech Ventures) discussed with the public the challenges in pitching a hardware technology product.
  • Tan Eng Tong (CEO and Co-Founder of Cytron Technologies) introduced the audience to Rero, a reconfigurable robot for improving students’ learning experience. In particular, he shared his personal experience in developing his robot, highlighting both successes and failures of his journey as a young entrepreneur.
  • William Temple (CEO and Co-founder of Ampotech) introduced the public to Ampotech, a Singapore-based hardware and software spin-off company, providing sensing and analytics technology for building energy monitoring.
  • Chia Lih Wei (CTO and Co-founder of TinyMOS) introduced the audience to Tiny1, the world’s first astronomical camera that will be commercialized thanks to crowdfunding.