On 24 June, the NTU GSC hosted an interaction meeting with the 31th executive committee from NUS Graduate Students’ Society (NUS GSS), in GSC Meeting Room, NTU.

The attendees from NUS GSS were Wang Siqi (President), Chen Muwen (Treasurer), See Ming Twang (Director for Student Affairs), Buvanachandran (Assistant General Secretary), and Bai He (Social Secretary).

The following details were discussed during the meeting:

1) Introduction of the top members of each graduate student organization;
2) Sharing of information on the events that each graduate student organization intends to hold for the coming year;
3) Possible areas of collaboration with regards to events;
4) Setting up a future meeting at NUS;
5) Organize a tri-university graduate student organization meet-up with SUTD as well.

To make the NUS GSS members get familiar with NTU, the TOP 6 from NTUGSC guided them and introduced the most important sites on the NTU campus, like Administration building, the Hive, Chinese Heritage Center, and Yunnan Garden.

From left to right: Chen Muwen, Li Zhengmao, Elham, Zhang Penghui, Fan Zhi’an, Wang Siqi, See Ming Twang, Buvanachandran, Bai He