Within the Career Talk Series IV, the NTU-GSC Career & Entrepreneurship Committee has recently invited William Chua to share his vision on how to “Project a Positive and Professional Image”.

Date/Time/Venue: 30th August, 2017 (Wednesday), 6.30pm-7.30pm/ LHS-TR+52 at HIVE

Brief about the speakers

William Chua is an Associate Trainer at Training Vision. William Chua has been an Associate Trainer since 2009. He has facilitated WSQ courses for SATA, SAFRA, Civil Service Club, Army Hub, Grohe, ZF, Reachfield Securities, Bukit Batok Driving Center, Sport Sg (SEA Games), K & S, IBM, and many more.


During the talk, the speaker shared his personal working experiences, giving advice to students for their current/future job hunting.

The talk was quite dynamic, with presentation alternating to Q&A session concerning the topic covered at that moment.

The following were covered:

  • Importance of Knowing Yourself. “Who am I, makes a difference”
  • Balance between IQ and EQ
  • How to manage failures. “Some time you win, some time you learn”
  • 3V principle: Visual, Vocal, Verbal
  • 3As concept: Attention, Acknowledge, Appreciation
  • Methodologies to improve self-awareness: daily reflections and mindfulness.
  • Tips for improving EQ
  • Importance of reflection from peers about your emotional stage
  • “Drivers” which control human decision making
  • Importance of planning. “If you don’t have a plan, you plan to fail”

The talk was followed by a networking session.