NTUGSC Committees and Members

The Nanyang Technological University Graduate Student Council (NTUGSC) is the highest level of student leadership and government for graduate students. NTUGSC can be divided into, 1) NTUGSC itself, 2) school based graduate student clubs (GSCs), and 3) autonomous graduate student bodies that have been endorsed by NTUGSC.

School based graduate student clubs (GSCs) have been established in SPMS, HSS, MAE, SCE, CEE, and MSE. The NTUGSC-endorsed autonomous student bodies include Graduate Arts Ensemble, TEDxNTU and the NTU Graduate Toastmasters Association. These student bodies are organized and government almost entirely independent of NTUGSC. However, they can and do get support from NTUGSC. Their student leaders will also qualify for privileges that are made to NTUGSC student leaders.

NTUGSC itself comprises of 1 Executive Committee (EXCO) and 7 sub-committees. The 7 subcommittees are the, 1) Club Secretariat, 2) Social and Recreation Committee, 3) Academic Events Committee, 3) Welfare and Feedback Committee, 4) Orientation Committee, 5) Orientation Committee, 6) Graduate Common Room Committee (Halls of Residence Committee) and 7) Career and Entrepreneurship Committee. Two members, who are not part of any committee, will also be appointed as auditors to independently check on the accounts and inventory of the club. Altogether NTUGSC itself has 23 elected positions, and more than 100 appointed positions.

NTUGSC itself is headed by the ‘Top 6’ which includes the President, Executive Vice-President, Vice-President (Welfare and Policy), Vice-President (Communications and External Relations), Honorary General Secretary, and Honorary Treasurer.


NTU GSC Organization Chart