The Council Secretariat forms the functional backbone for the Executive Committee. The council secretariat supports the administration of NTUGSC by exercising a number  of executive powers given to it by the university. It is an amalgamation of large number of portfolios which can function mostly on their own. However, these portfolios are grouped together in this committee to improve coordination and provide a sense of identity to its members.

The Council Secretariat is unique in that is has 5 EXCO Directors. Each director will coordinate his/her own group of office holders. When the whole secretariat meets as one group, the Executive Vice President and the Honorary Treasurer will act as its co-chairpersons, and the Director (Communications) will act as the “secretary”.


Director: Ruby Bansal


My desire is to work with the brilliant minds of GSC to make the graduate student experience as fulfilling as it can be. The outgoing GSC has done an outstanding job, I hope to follow it while also blazing my own path. I will strive hard to improve the graduate student life on campus by providing support to other committees for planning and organizing activities and events.

The Logistics Committee operating under Council Secretariat is mainly responsible involved in dealing with the day to day logistics affairs of the Graduate Student Council, NTU. The primary roles and responsibilities of the committee is highlighted below:

  1. Proper maintenance of the various inventories listed under GSC.
  2. Responsible for safekeeping and maintenance of the GSC meeting room and Yunan Corner.
  3. Advice on logistics issues during GSC events by liaising with the logistics officers of the various subcommittees in GSC during events conducted by the subcommittee.

Human Resource

Director: Lu Chenjin

The primary roles and responsibilities of the HR committee is highlighted below:

  1. Bear overall responsibility for interviews, counselling and HR affairs in GSC
  2. Develop active communications and interactions between various committees in GSC
  3. Promote good working environments for all GSC members and maintain good internal unity
  4. Provide training and workshop opportunities for soft skill and personal development within GSC
  5. Ensure the cultural diversity in GSC committees


Director: Zhang Hui

The primary roles and responsibilities of the Administration committee is highlighted below:

  1. Responsible for the liaison with CITS regarding official email IDs.
  2. Responsible for the liaison with GCRC Directors regarding feedback with HAS.
  3. Conducts volunteer information sessions and recruitment during each orientation program and once more for each semester.


Director: Yan Bo

The primary roles and responsibilities of the Communication committee are highlighted below:

  1. Serve the council in its “information transportation” by way of mass emails and various social media platforms
  2. Responsible for GSC inquiry emails, ensuring that all emails are directed to the appropriate office holder and responded to.
  3. Maintain GSC official website and social media portals (Facebook, WeChat, Weibo, Twitter).

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Publicity and Publications

Director: Dong Bingxue

The primary roles and responsibilities of the P&P committee are highlighted below:

  1. Bear overall responsibility for the Publicity and Publications group.
  2. Act as the main photographers of the Council together with the photography team.
  3. Design the backdrop for the Council’s notice boards and any other publicity posters that needed by the Council.
  4. Setup, maintain, and update notice boards belonging to, or under the care, of the Council.
  5. Collect photos and brief write-ups of the Council ’s activities throughout the working year and publishes a chronicle of the work year, ready for the next Annual General Meeting.
  6. Update the Graduate Student Handbook and arrange for its printing.