GCRC strives to create a vibrant, cozy and ‘Home-Away-From-Home’ environment for the denizens of graduate halls. The key objectives of the committee are to promote a vibrant graduate hall culture and to ensure maintenance and improvement of quality of hall facilities.

To promote a vibrant graduate hall culture

GCRC strives to transform graduate hall from merely a place of living to a place of life. GCRC provides an effective platform for building strong inter-cultural, inter-school and inter-batch camaraderie among graduate students. It offers ample opportunities for socializing by organizing various events in and around graduate halls. Through these events, GCRC seeks to foster a friendly and vibrant graduate student culture transcending academic programs and cultures.

To ensure maintenance and improvement of quality of hall facilities

GCRC endeavors to seek and address the concerns of graduate hall residents by opening up efficient channels through which residents can voice their concerns and feedback related to on-campus accommodation. GCRC plays a pivotal role in initiating and streamlining improvements in operation of the halls. To achieve this, GCRC maintains a close working relationship with Housing and Auxiliary Services (HAS) and other relevant offices.

To deal with the feedback of all GH residence

For better providing all residents with best environment and high-quality facility, we are eager for the feedback of all residents and we will try our best to deal with all suggestions or complaint. For better addressing the problems encountered by GH residents, GCRC plays a critical role in coordinating with HAS and our hall fellows in both Hall1 & Hall2 are always available to address the problems occurring in the hall.


Archana Gautam

Wu Tianze