The Orientation Committee (OC) of NTU Graduate Student Council has the responsibility to introduce freshmen with the culture and community of NTU. The events include fun, active social programming for the Orientation program while providing new students the guidance and leadership needed to successfully adapt to the University & the student community.

Types of Events

OC is responsible for planning and executing an “Orientation Camp” for each intake of fresh graduate students. The orientation camp is generally of 2 to 3 days, held on the weekends before the start of each academic semester. This camp includes events where freshmen get to know the university (Campus Tour), the Singapore city (City Tour) and the people (welcome reception, both formal and informal). Events will have relevant information and mingling opportunities for families, minorities and international.

Team Members and Volunteers

The committee is basically responsible for planning, preparing, and executing the whole orientation program. The coordinators and volunteers for Orientation are fellow students who want to help make the first year students transition easy and fun. All individual office holders have their own task and responsibility throughout the year with the roles like treasurer, secretary, logistics manager working closely with the two directors. Each event also has one or more program officers, who are responsible for event details, and recruiting volunteers (graduate student leaders from other committees). The work is intensive during the actual orientation dates and tones down during the rest of year.


If you have any questions regarding programming for Orientation, you can email at


Garima Goyal

Prativa Das