The primary objective of the committee is to provide opportunities to graduate students for the enhancement of campus and NTU life through various trips, sports and cultural activities to create a vibrant and exciting graduate life.

Some of the key activities that are planned for the year are trekking with nature guidance, a countryside tour which can introduce you to the lovely but unknown Singapore countryside and an international Graduate Fest, where talents from all parts of the world come together to showcase their best and several Sports tournament. The committee intends to support and promote sports activities such as football, volleyball, cricket, tennis and so on.

Being a part of recreational or social activities organized by the committee serves as a stress-buster and Graduate students must certainly not miss the opportunities to have some fun and to relax in the course of gradate life at NTU. These activities help the students to strike a good work-life balance and a chance to meet new friends outside of the class/lab/research institute. Social activities are aimed to develop a cross-cultural understanding. On the other hand, recreational activities try to build your bond with others. The activities and events also serve as avenues to enhance the spirit of cooperation, teamwork and camaraderie with a diverse mix of international students.

A teaser list of events to be expected FY 2017-18 are as follows:

Trips: Dragon Boat, Kayaking, Eco Garden Nature walk, Countryside tour (goat farm and more)
Social: LAN Party, Treasure hunt, Dance class per semester
Culture: Gradfest, Diwali- Dandiya night, Chinese Valentine’s Day


Weekly sports training: football, cricket, volleyball
Tournament: football, cricket, volleyball
Support Teams to join interhall sport challenge: basketball, football and so on.

For a detailed list of events to be a part of, keep checking your mail id and our facebook page.

-“The best time to celebrate is whenever you can. So, pull up your socks and let’s get into the field”


Karunya Raj

Nie Pin