NTU, like anything else, is not without its faults. That is a part of what we, from the Welfare and Feedback Committee (WFC), hope to contribute towards. We are the eyes, ears and voice of our graduate student community. Have a suggestion for improvement? Unreasonable supervisors? Uncertain about the administration stuff? Feeling stressful about campus life? We listen and will respond to all your inquiries and complaints.

Would you like to provide feedback on any issues pertaining to campus life and education?

Mail us: ntugsc-welfare@e.ntu.edu.sg

Contact us in case of any other problems, suggestions and contributions for improving the wellbeing of the postgraduate community in NTU.

The feedback and cases may be reported via one of the following approaches

-In the form of letter addressed to Welfare and Feedback committee or President of NTUGSC

-Arrange meeting personally with directors of GSC welfare & feedback committee, Chen Shangyu/Wu Yang


Chen Shangyu

Wu Yang