Pre- Japanese Culture Festival 2016

JAC Christmas Party 2015

Study, Work, Travel Talk 2015

On the 16th of January, several of us were treated to an eye-opening session with Mrs Yong Lai Quen on the art of Ikebana (生け花), the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Mrs Yong graduated from Sogetsu-Ryū, one of the most notable schools of Ikebana out of thousands of schools. Previously,  [ Read More ]

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JAC held it’s annual Christmas Party on the 23rd this year and as usual, it was a merry affair. Beginning with a dinner of fried rice, fish and curry, the night was off to a warm start despite some of the members coming in drenched due to the rain 🙀  [ Read More ]

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From daily necessities to seasonings and foods easy to cook, everything needed for Japanese food fans is here at the Midtown Mart located at Marina Square. Here, you can find Japanese foods aplenty which you can hardly see at any other supermarket. The mart is attractive especially because there are  [ Read More ]

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On 2 December 2016, JAC held its inaugural Cultural Games Day. Members learned and played games related to Japanese culture, namely Go, Shogi, and Riichi Mahjong while enjoy a fun and entertaining evening after their final exams. where they can immerse themselves in Japanese culture while mingling and interacting with  [ Read More ]

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On 3 December 2016, JAC held a food trail where participants went to taste some of the best food that Singapore has to offer. Both international and local students in JAC got to taste some delicious Singaporean food and desserts while interacting with each other over the meals. In an  [ Read More ]

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On 12th October, we held our annual Study, Work and Travel in Japan Talk. Needless to say, we received the latest information on great programmes we can all embark on to fulfil our dream of living in Japan, albeit for a moment! Don’t worry if you missed it all or  [ Read More ]

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Even though they’re clumsy, they’re still lovable! “Milky Holmes” returns to the streets of Detective City Yokohama in their movie (劇場版 探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズ〜逆襲のミルキィホームズ〜)! The four members of Milky Holmes are away on a study trip. While soaking in a hot spring surrounded by monkeys, their relaxation is interrupted by the  [ Read More ]

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On 18 October 2016, JAC held its very own papercraft workshop. Participants transformed flat pieces of paper into wonderful sculptures using their own hands and brought them home. Making these sculptures was not child’s play – who knew that cutting, pasting, and folding could become so difficult? Nonetheless, everyone had  [ Read More ]

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JAC Picnic was without doubt one of the most anticipated event of the year. It was a good opportunity for all JAC members to gather together to unwind during the recess week, not to mention a chance for the secluded IT sub-committee to mingle with the rest of JAC. 。(*^▽^*)ゞ  [ Read More ]

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With STGCC recently over and AFA looming over the horizon, let’s have a look back at our trip down to CharaExpo during the summer!   Having met with popular reception last year from Singaporean anime fans, Bushiroad brought back C3 CharaExpo back again for its second year; this time promising  [ Read More ]

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