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Itazura Na Kiss

Looking forward to the upcoming semester break and yet having no idea on what to do? Step right in because today, we are recommending an ongoing drama series with a full season capped! Adapted from the manga titled Itazura na Kiss comes the fifth adaptation, Itaura na Kiss Love in Tokyo, starring Miki Honoka as Aihara …

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Movie recommendation: Ōoku 大奥

Sick of the usual drama plot? Modern-time based drama is just not for you? Then here’s one recommendation that might interest you! :P   Ōoku 大奥 – photo credit to dailykimchi.com   People usually relate the term Ooku( great interior)  to the harem of Edo Castle, the section where the women connected to the reigning Shogun(Commander) resided. But any …

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Mystery Drama Serial – Galileo

Minna-san! Recess week is just over! But if you’re still looking for some drama to watch, here’s my recommendation!:) Galileo – picture credit to wikipedia Based on the popular novel “Detective Galileo” written by the famous mystery writer Keigo Higahiono, this drama serial brings us through 10 episodes of intense suspense and mystery solving trial. Galileo, …

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Drama recommendation: Higashino Keigo Mysteries

Hello everyone! Have you guys watched any dramas recently?  For myself, I have just finished watching this drama, Higashino Keigo Mysteries (東野圭吾ミステリーズ)! Picture credit to Fuji TV This drama features 11 short stories by Higashino Keigo (東野圭吾), from the following 3 novels, Ano Koro no Dareka (あの頃の誰か), Ayashii Hitobito (怪しい人々) and Hannin no Inai Satsujin …

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Jdrama for Fall season 2012 Part 2

Here is the 2nd part of the drama list. Please visit Jdrama for Fall season 2012 Part 1 if you haven’t view it. Friday   Picture credit to TBS Ooku ~ Tanjou ~ Arikoto. Iemitsu Hen(大奥 ~誕生~有功・家光篇) Cast: Sakai Masato (堺雅人), Tabe Mikako (多部未華子), Tanaka Koki (田中聖) Sarutobi Sansei (猿飛三世) Cast: Ito Atsushi (伊藤淳史), Mizukawa Asami …

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