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Introducing: Kiryu

From L to R: Mitsuki, Mahiro, Junji, Hiyori, Takemasa Kiryu(己龍) is a 5 member Visual-Kei band formed in September 17th 2007. The members consists of Mahiro on Vocals, Takemasa and Mitsuki on Guitar, Hiyori on Bass and Junji on drums. Visual-Kei is a subculture that emphasizes on aesthetics. It often elaborates on flamboyant costumes and …

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Happy New Year! あけましておめでとう^^ I hope you’ve rested well over the holidays because let’s make 2016 better and what better way to start it than to share and explore different music groups! Probably you might switch after reading this too (◕‿◕)! Heard of the songs “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (君の知らない物語)”, “Perfect Day”, “My Dearest” or …

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Japanese Metal Scene

What’s up everybody, how are you all doing back in Singapore? If you are a regular reader of the JAC blog, you would have noticed the various genres of Japanese music that we have covered; from ever popular J-pop artistes like LiSA and Petit Milady to visual kei bands such as Versailles. Today, we are …

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petit milady

Hello! Hope you all are doing well for your revision (a bit to early for some eh) !  Today for the music section, I will be talking about a Female Seiyuu (Voice actress) Unit, named プチミレディ (petit milady), or known commonly by fans as プチミレ (puchi mire). A duo of two famous Seiyuus, Yuuki Aoi (nick Aochan),  commonly known …

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Yuuki Aoi

Today, for the music corner, I will be introducing a singer/voice actress/actress , 悠木 碧(Yuuki Aoi). For those who may not be familiar with her, perhaps the fact that she is the voice behind the character, Madoka, in Puella Magi Madoka Magica may ring a familiar tune in your heads. Yuuki Aoi (real name Aoi …

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Hello! I hope you have been coping well with mid-terms and projects. To those who have achieved not-so-ideal results for your mid-terms or are generally feeling down lately, why not heal your soul with a music artiste that I’m sure you have listened to once or twice before? Have you ever watched anime like Fate/Zero, …

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Alice Nine

Alice Nine is a five member Japanese rock band categorized under the visual kei movement. Visual kei is identified by the elaborate make-up, hair styles and flamboyant costumes the performers put on. Just last month, the band celebrated their 10th anniversary. Consisting of vocalist Shou, guitarists Hiroto and Tora, bassist Saga and drummer Nao, the …

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Taiko Drums

This post delves into the classical musical instrument, the Taiko drum (太鼓). Albeit connotations of it as a classical favourite amongst Japanese, western communities have also discovered the joy of playing this instrument. In USA for example, a group of enthusiasts introduced a Taiko Drum performance on stage a talent search reality show aired not …

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