Hokkaido Izakaya – 1-for-1 Unagi & Grated Yam Soba/Chicken Karaage

1-for-1 Unagi & Grated Yam Soba/Hokkaido-Style Chicken Karaage

✓Please note that the Soba and the Karaage offers are for lunch and dinner time respectively.
✓Lunch time: 11.30am - 2.30pm
✓Dinner time: 6pm - 12am
Period from 1 - 31st January 2019 // Terms and Conditions Apply

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Hokkaido Izakaya in Tanjong Pagar offers a sumptuous insight into the heart of the world-renowned Hokkaido cuisine. The folks at Hokkaido Izakaya have been dedicated to serving the most delectable dishes to customers ever since it opened at the dawn of 2016, with ingredients sourced from all across the second largest island of Japan, especially from the towns of Yakumo, Akkeshi, Furano and Kamishihoro. In light of their outstanding effort of serving these dishes to Singapore, several cities of Hokkaido have offered their official recognition to the restaurant.

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Fresh Oysters

We were first treated to the astoundingly fresh Akkeshi oysters imported straight from the natural waters surrounding the town. The smooth texture and the supreme taste of the oysters, augmented by the introduction of the homemade ponzu jelly and sweet-pickled vegetables, were truly an experience that exceeds one’s expectations. It is a must-have when one visits the Izakaya.

Hokkaido Milk Omelette

This dish is a refreshing break from its traditionally French counterpart. Prepared with the freshest Hokkaido milk, the top is glazed with butter to produce the silkiest omelette. Sliced into small blocks, the dish is topped with sweet cottage cheese that couples beautifully with the delicate taste and soft fluffiness of the omelette. Alternatively, the omelette also pairs well with the special wakame shoyu, imported from Hokkaido, who provided a different flavour profile, contrasting the sweetness of the omelette.

Potato Salad

A surprising but uncontestably delicious accompaniment to every creation on the menu. This warm salad is prepared right in front of you, mixing a whole steamed Hokkaido potato with mayonnaise, onions, cucumber, seasoning and smoked eggs. It was light and fluffy, with the cucumbers cutting through the rich mayonnaise. However, the main delight of this dish lies in the marvellous flavour that the smoked eggs provide to the mixture. These eggs can be considered one of the distinguishing features of this amazing potato salad.


Hokkaido Izakaya have both traditional tenzaru soba that are better suited to Japanese tastes, and westernized maze soba that are better suited to Singaporean’s tastes. In the owner’s words, they are served with special sauces that are suitable for the Singaporean palette.

The soba noodles were made from buckwheat that originated from the quaint little town of Horokanai, who is famous for their buckwheat fields and the special way they process their buckwheat seeds, by placing it in the clear, ice-cold river.

Ebi/Tori-Tenzaru Soba

Tenzaru Soba is a classic Japanese summer dish that combines two classic Japanese favorites: seafood tempura and vegetables, and zaru-style cold Horokanai buckwheat noodles served on a bamboo dish. In Hokkaido Izakaya, they have two versions on their menu, the Ebi (prawn) and the Tori (chicken). What is interesting is that the tempura comes with salt flakes rather than the typical tempura sauce, bringing  out the flavour of the tempura.

Maze Soba

Maze Soba are known as dry noodles without soup. In Hokkaido Izakaya, they have two versions on their lunch menu, the Kurogoma Maze Soba (cold dry soba with minced chicken in a spicy, black sesame sauce) and the Maze-Niku Soba (cold dry soba with pork shabu in a signature sesame sauce).

The Kurogoma Maze Soba came with a generous helping of minced chicken, onions, leeks, dried seaweed and an egg yolk, and when mixed with some chilli vinegar and tempura flakes, had an interesting and vibrant flavour that distincts itself from traditional Japanese cuisine.

The Maze-Niku Soba came with a mountain of meat on top of the special Horokanai buckwheat noodles, were mixed with wakame, chilli vinegar, a sous vide egg and some tempura flakes. The chilli vinegar melded perfectly with the signature sesame sauce, introducing some tanginess into the sweetness of the sesame sauce.

The dry sobas were also served with what seemed to be miso soup, but it was actually soba soup filled with egg flakes, providing a pleasant surprise to the drinker.

Kurogoma Maze Soba
Maze-Niku Soba
Wagyu-Beef Shabu Shabu Soba

A deliciously heart-warming and hot bowl of soba soup with Horokanai buckwheat noodles and filled abundantly with soft and tender wagyu beef. The defining body of this dish is founded on the sublime flavour and expertly seasoned character of the broth, that serves as the bath for all the mouth-watering ingredients. After serving, the dish is topped with soft-boiled eggs, tempura flakes, fresh wakame seaweed, and for the spice-advocates, some chili flakes too.

Be sure to head down to Hokkaido Izakaya to savour these amazing dishes, along with their 1-for-1 offers!
Unagi and Grated Yam Soba @ $18
Karaage Chicken @ $6

Getting There

95 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088516
Tel: 6221 7118
Website: http://www.hokkaidoizakaya.sg/