Japanese Village Session 1-5 throwback

A trip down memory lane

As the semester reaches its half-way mark, let’s have a look back at the first half of Japanese Village (JV) ~

JV Session 1: Introduction
  • The local students did their self-introductions in Japanese while the Japanese students did theirs in English.
  • They then played Takenoko Nyokki where instead of shouting the next number, you must shout out the name of a person in your group followed by “nyokki”.
“初めまして、私は... ” Self-introduction in Japanese
“たけのこたけのこニョッキッキ” Playing Takenoko Nyokki to remember each others’ name
A fun first session~
JV Session 2: Hobbies
  • The students had to draw on paper what their hobby is and did group sharing/discussion of their hobbies.
  • They also played a game where each person can only draw 1 line at a time and form a picture story for the last person to guess the hobby drawn.
"This is the drawing of my hobby"
“私の趣味は...” Introducing your hobby in Japanese
JV Session 3: Food
  • We set up a Kahoot Trivia Quiz on Japanese Food to the test the students’ knowledge on Japanese cuisine.
  • Introducing different types of food from Japan and popular food in Singapore.
  • The students then had group sharing/discussions on their favourite and most disliked food.
Trivia Quiz on Japanese Food – Winner walked away with 2 Natsu Matsuri Tickets
Sharing on good food from Japan
JV Session 4: School Life – Fashion
  • We showed the students a video on rules and regulations of dress codes in Japanese schools
  • We then introduced the unique school uniforms in Singapore and common attire wore by different faculties in NTU
  • The students had a group sharing/discussion on their fashion and school uniforms.
Unique School Uniforms
What am I wearing today?
JV Session 5: School Life – Education
  • We compared the differences between Singapore and Japan’s education system.
  • The students then attempted Waseda’s Entrance Exam Question.
JAC’s attempt on Waseda University’s Entrance Exam Question

Hope everyone had fun in the past JV session! We hope to see everyone for the subsequent sessions~

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