The Blues by Terry Mun
Clementi Railway Bridge by Terry Mun
Orchard Central Sky Garden by Terry Mun
Parkview Square, Bugis by Terry Mun
Moon by Terry Mun
KLCC @ Night by Terry Mun
Saccharine by Terry Mun

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NTUPVS is a aggregation of the creative minds in NTU and beyond, of photographers and videographers alike. On your left is a showcase of works produced by our members.

Know more about us, or contact us for more information.

PVS Welcome Tea!

Hi all,

the CCA week is now over, so with that please look forward to the Welcome Tea Session!


Our Welcome Tea is an introductory session featuring food, talks on what we will be doing this year and some sharing of photography of course!  Interested in Darkroom and Film? Stay tuned for our Darkroom workshop and prints exhibition happening in the course of the academic year!

You can also get your laptop screen color-calibrated there, using our Spyder Elite Pro 4.

For those who are unsure how to get there, take 179 to canteen 2 (hall 2) bus stop, cross the road and walk up to the Nanyang house! We will have friendly seniors stationed at the bus stop from 6pm onwards.  Looking forward to seeing you all soon! 

Members and non members are both welcome!  Sign ups are still available!

Calling all freshies!

Hi there! Photo-Videographic society is made up of people who are really (really) interested into photography. If that’s your thing, why not join us?

We have several activities we do regularly, such as themed outings where we head to different parts of Singapore together to shoot landscape, portraiture, architecture and more! Besides that, we also have workshops to hone the skills of our members, through the Basic Photography Workshop and the Darkroom Workshop.

You can look for our booth at the 2014 NTU CCA WEEK below:

We are located near Lee Kong Chian LT & LT22. Come down from 10am- 5pm, 13-15 August 2014 to say hi and you can sign up as a member!

What’s more, members can receive a free color calibration of your laptop monitor using our Spyder4Elite monitor calibrator!*

If you cannot visit our booth, we’ll be holding a Welcome Tea on the coming Monday, 18th August, 6.30pm to 9.30pm at Nanyang House Seminar Room 1. Do come and join us for the Welcome Tea to find out more! Stay tuned to our NTU PVS facebook page and Instagram: @Ntupvs for updates!


*Please download and install the Spyder4Elite software fromhttp://support.datacolor.com/index.php?%2FKnowledgebase%2FList%2FIndex%2F101%2Fspyder4elite before coming down to reduce your waiting time!

NTU PVS FOC Exposé 14: The Hunger Games

Hi everyone, the annual PVS FOC is here again! The FOC will be held from 25th to 27th July this year.
Please head over to ntupvsfoc.strikingly.com for more details. We hope to see you at the camp! =]

SAFRA Photo Convention 2013

In Conjunction with SAFRA Photo Convention 2013, NTU PVS has invited them down for a Photo-Exhibition by Adam Ferguson that is happening NOW from 7 October- 18 October at Art, Design and Media Library! Also, do check out SAFRA Photo Convention 2013 that is happening on 23rd November 2013 at Mount Faber SAFRA, where you [...]

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NTU PVS FOC Exposé 13: P.I.

UPDATE: Camp is now over! We hope that all who attended have enjoyed it.

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NTU PVS Darkroom Exhibition: Adventure

Photos from the exhibition may be viewed at here

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NTU PVS Instagram Matrix Project 2012

PVS Instagram Matrix Project 2012

Credit: Weijie Cai

2013 PVS Fun Tees for sale!

NTUPVS proudly present to you our latest Fun Tees!


Hurry grab one now! we are selling at $12 each and come in two colours! Come down to make orders by 18th Feb 2012!

or email us for enquiries!

PVS January Outing: Toy Photography

For all the toys lover as well as our photographers only!! Hope you guys enjoyed yourself during the outing! Here are some of the incredible photos by our NTUPVS members! Credit by: Aloysius Leng Credit by : Li Qi Credit by : Marcus Low Credit by : Tay Jin Xuan April Ng Publication Manager 30th [...]

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PVS December Outing: EOY 2012

Fans of One piece? Fairy tail? or you watch Naruto Shippuden like me? Do you know about the Cosplay Festival at Marina Barrage for Cosplayers to portray their favourite anime / manga / game characters? So here we are the NTUPVS “Cosplay photographers” to capture all those “real life” moments of them! Credit By: April Ng Credit [...]

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