18 MAY 2019


Adventure Trail Challenge (ATC) is an annual adventure race proudly brought to you by NTU Outdoor Adventure Club. Running this island-wide challenge since 2004, we are excited to leap into our 16th year with all our eager challengers!

ATC 2019 opens 4 race categories; Amateur, Inter-Varsity, Mixed Open & Men’s Open. Depending on the race category, participants have to form teams of 2 or 4. During the challenge, all teams have to race through the designated route, overcoming obstacles of various outdoor disciplines.

Participants should look forward to our many exciting obstacle challenges, including multi-terrain adventure trail, stunning bike tracks, challenging kayaking courses and high elements. We aim to foster fond memories for all team members through our team-building obstacles. We put your team spirit to test!




Race Category

Race Category

Early Bird Discount ends 7 April!
Prices shown are after discount.

$47 – PER PAX


Excludes $15 for BIKE rental

$47/$52 – PER PAX


Excludes $15 for BIKE rental

$57 – PER PAX

Mixed Open


$57 – PER PAX

Men's Open


Race Rules

Race Rules

  1. Participants must be aged 16 years and above to be qualified to take part in any of the categories.
  2. Teams in the Amateur & Inter-Varsity category will consist of 4 members and teams in the Mixed Open and Men’s Open category will consist of 2 members. All categories except Men’s Open MUST consist of at least one member of the opposite gender.
  3. Participants studying in any University are qualified to participate in the Inter-Varsity category.
  4. Participants working or studying in any Secondary School (aged 16 and above), Integrated Programme, Junior College or ITE are qualified to participate in the Amateur Category.
  1. All teams must report at least 45 minutes before their flag off time at the registration counter. Any teams that report after the registration period will be unranked.
  2. Full team strength must be present during registration.
  3. Race singlet and race bib must be visibly worn at all times.
  4. Use of all electronic devices other than wristwatches is prohibited (e.g. cell phone, pager, radio, etc.) during the race.
  5. All equipment should be waterproofed if necessary.
  6. Team members must stay together at all times. Any team that violates this rule shall be automatically disqualified.
  7. Teams must adhere to the instructions of race official throughout the race.
  8. All team members are to report to the CHECK-IN station immediately upon arrival at a new checkpoint.
  9. All team members are to report to the CHECK-OUT station immediately after they have completed their checkpoint’s task.
  10. Check in and out will only be done when all group members are present at counters.
  11. The Race Organising Committee reserves the right to change the rules or the course at any given time.
  12. Teams who failed to complete the race within the stipulated cut off time will be disqualified.
  13. Participants may choose not to be involved in any aspect of the race. However, it will result in the unranked of the team. Teams or participants electing not to participate in any technical sections must report to a race official at the respective technical section to state their intention and receive instructions about continuation of the race.
  14. Teams with members who fall out at any point during the race will also be unranked.


  1. If inclement weather occurs at the start of the race, the Race Organising Committee reserves the right to withhold the flag off time of the race until deemed safe by the race officials to continue.
  2. Should bad weather persist, the Race Organising Committee reserves the right to cancel the race without refund of fees paid in the interest of the competitors’ safety or any other reasons. The Race Organising Committee’s decision will be final.
  3. If inclement weather occurs during the race, the race officials reserve the right to suspend the race until deemed safe by the Race Organising Committee to continue.
  4. If inclement weather occurs during the race, participants are advised to seek the nearest shelter along the route. They may continue on to the nearest checkpoint at their own risk. Further instructions will be given.

Stoppage time will be given to participants at stations if the Race Organising Committee calls for a Race Stoppage due to inclement weather.

Race Organising Committee reserves the rights to decide when to call for Race Stoppage and when to lift it.

  1. All participants are responsible for their own safety during the event. All participants must also observe traffic regulations. The Organiser shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever, resulting from injury, whether fatal or otherwise, of any participant or for damages to or loss of such person’s property. However, race official reserves the right to forbid the participants from starting or continuing with the race.
  2. Participants who are not certain of their physical and/or mental capacities to participate in this race are advised to consult their family doctor prior to participation.
  3. Participants must ensure that they are well-rested prior to the race day and are well-hydrated and equipped with personal hydration packs on race day.
  4. If participants feel unwell during the race, they must stop and seek medical attention from the race officials along the race route.
  5. Information sharing between teams within the race is considered a violation of rules. Any teams that are caught sharing information by the Race Organising Committee will be automatically disqualified.
  6. Participants are advised not to bring any valuables to the race. The Organiser shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any personal belongings deposited at the bag deposit service.

Adventure Trail Challenge 2018 only provides the minimal personal accident insurance coverage for participants. Participants partake in this event at their own risk and the Organisers shall not be liable for any bodily injuries, loss and/or damage to property, whether personal or otherwise, and howsoever arising.

It is recommended that you have your own adequate personal accident insurance or health insurance.

  1. First-Aid service will be provided during the race. There will be First Aid stations along the race route.
  2. Water re-hydration points shall be available along designated places within the race route.
  3. All check points will have communication accessibility to the Race Organising Committee.

The Organiser will issue the t-shirt size as indicated in the registration form, subjected to availability.

In the event when the chosen size is unavailable, the Organiser reserves the right to replace it to the next best available size.



Any replacement of team members must be made before 20th May 2017 and subjecting to the Race Organizing Committee’s consent. T-Shirt size will be subjected to availability.

Unfortunately, no refunds will be entertained. Participants are encouraged to find their own replacement and notify the race organiser by 20th May 2018.

Send an email to adventure.trail.challenge.ntu@gmail.com or contact Manoj: 9383 2107 or Dora: 8180 7427 to request for change of payment.

Send an email to adventure.trail.challenge.ntu@gmail.com or contact Manoj: 9383 2107 or Dora: 8180 7427 to request for any changes in particulars.

Any changes in particulars should be informed before 20th May 2018.

No, the bike and helmet rental comes in a set.

No, we do not have a booth outside NTU. However, you can register online at our registration page. (You do not even need to step into NTU!)

Yes. ATC is open to everyone, regardless of university.

Yes, you will need to print the confirmation slip (you will receive it after your payment has been received) and bring it on the race day itself.

There are water points for every checkpoint and in between certain stations. We recommend that all teams are to carry at least a 1.5L of water per person.

In terms of distance, it is around 25km on foot. In terms of time, well it depends on how fast you can run and complete our stations. The average time every year is around 3 hours.

Lunch is NOT provided. Teams are advised to bring energy bars/snacks for the race.

Yes. Sealed cell phone will be checked upon finishing the race. Valid reason should be given if seal is broken. Race official reserves the right to disqualify the team if seal is broken without valid reason.

Sure! Snap away! Do bring an additional camera as you phones will be sealed during the race.

A valid reason must be presented. Teams are required to submit the particulars of the new participant who will be replacing the original member. The latest date for replacement of participants is 20th May 2018. Any replacement after the stipulated date will not be entertained.

Unfortunately, ATC is a team event which requires collaboration between members to complete the race. Fortunately, we can link interested parties up should you require it. Please feel free to email to adventure.trail.challenge.ntu@gmail.com or contact Manoj: 9383 2107 or Dora: 8180 7427 to indicate interest and we can help you find a team!

All personal belongings can be deposited at the bag deposit counter during the event.

In case of emergency, teams are to call Safety Officer whom will be announced during the pre-race brief. Vehicular evacuation will be conducted for serious injuries.

All rental bikes will be issued at the bike station.

Send an email to adventure.trail.challenge.ntu@gmail.com or contact Manoj: 9383 2107 or Dora: 8180 7427

Yes. All travelling time will be counted.

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