Month: September 2015

ODAC BBQ 2015 [AY15/16]

[23 September 2015]

We start off our work year with some grilled meat and lanterns! The ODAC BBQ is the first family event that aims to bond within the subcommittees and to familiarise themselves with the other subcommittees. Organised by the Pumpfest XIX Subcommittee, the theme for this year’s BBQ was Mid-Autumn and in the spirit of the festive season, our people wore floral prints or brightly coloured clothes and amused in sparklers, lanterns and photo-taking!

A big thank you to Pumpfest XIX for making the BBQ a successful event!

20th Main Comm Trip [AY15/16]

[4-6 Sep 2015]

On the first weekend of September, the newly appointed 20th Main Committee members embarked on our bonding trip to Gunung Datuk in Malaysia. Trekking up the steep incline with our full load on, we encouraged and spurred one another forward till we made it to the peak. We bonded and HTHT-ed over the crackles and warmth of the campfire. Through this short 2D2N getaway, we learn a little better on how to lead trekking trips and in the process, each of us knows something more about one another.

Subcomm Interview! [AY15/16]

[1-3 September 2015]

Interested in signing up as a subcomm member of NTU ODAC? Wait no more! We will be holding our subcommittee interviews next week from Tuesday to Thursday (1 Sept – 3 Sept) at TR16-28!

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