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Bang Bang Balls 2015 [AY15/16]

[24 October 2015]

Bang Bang Balls is Adsp9rts’ first family event that brings the whole ODAC family together again after the ODAC BBQ in September. As the name implies, we had a lot fun playing bubble soccer. Other than the regular bubble soccer, we had Bubble Invasion and Royal Rumble. In Bubble Invasion, the 2 teams are allocated a ‘house’. Upon the blow of the whistle, players are to attempt to invade and take over opposing team’s ‘house’ with all team members in it.  The teams with the higher score wins! Finally, all the teams will send their best player for the last mass game: Royal Rumble! The rule is simple for this one, the last one standing wins.  It was the first time we played bubble soccer for many of us. Bubble soccer is not as easy as it seems and we definitely would want to play it again!

A big thank you to Adsp9rts for bring the ODAC family closer!







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Upcoming Trips for Semester 1 Break [AY15/16]

[Trip Booths: 22, 27 October  2015]

Hello Adventurers! For this semester break, we are going:

Mount Rinjani, Indonesia [5-9 December 2015]

Mount Rinjani is an active stratovolcano, location in the north of Lombok. It is the highest mountain on the island of Lombok and the 3rd highest in Indonesia. What is appealing about hiking up to the peak is the beauty of the scenery in the crater and the spectacular view from the peak. Lava can be seen flowing into the crest-shaped lake and you can also see the trio of volcanoes in the east of Bali, the “Gilis”, and the island of Sumbawa.

Many believe that gods reside at the top of Mount Rinjani and that the water from the hot springs has healing properties. Hence, Mount Rinjani is also a popular pilgrimage site during the full moon where people make offerings and seek for its healing properties.

Perak, Malaysia [7-10 December 2015]

Perak, which means silver in Malay, takes its name from the silvery colour of the rich tin deposits for which it is renowned. Perak is commonly known as the place where juicy pomelos, crunchy seedless guavas, smooth hor fun and aromatic white coffee. Some activities include caving in Tempurung Cave, an impressive cave in the scenic limestone hills of Perak. with beautiful speleotherms like stalagmites, stalactites and calcite crystals can be seen; white water  rafting in Sungai Kampar, 20 minutes away from Gua Tempurung,  through a meandering journey passes through  variety of natural surroundings from lush green rainforests, deep valleys, dramatic rock cliffs, to rubber plantations;and waterfall abseiling at Ulu Geruntum Waterfalls, 2km away from Sungai Kampar.


Bukit Broga, Malaysia [16-17 December 2015]

Bukit Broga is a hill in Semenyih, about 40 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur. It is also known as ‘Bukit Lalang’ due to the abundance of the local species of grass that grows there. The hill is composed mostly of lalang grass while some lower areas are covered with palm oil trees or young secondary forest. Squirrels and birds such as swifts are common sights around these parts.

What is truly appealing about hiking up to the peak is the panoramic view of the landscape. In fact, the view from the top of Broga Hill has been described as incredible and offering one of the best sights from such a low hill. Lush valleys of green rainforest, peppered with flat palm oil plantations and a few towns, can be seen vibrantly on a clear day, with the backdrop of several mountains in the far distance. During the mornings, mists rising from the ground from the warmth of the sun envelop the landscape in a carpet of white, providing a surreal atmosphere.


Batu Caves, Malaysia [21-23 December 2015]

Batu Caves is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur, located in a limestone outcropping. This famous destination draws people from all over the world during the annual Hindu festival, Thaipusam. It consists of three big caves, including the main temple-cave which features ornate Hindu shrines.

Scaling the 272 steps leading up to the temple is one of the highlights of a visit to Batu Caves. Nearby is the Ramayana Cave where evocative scenes of Indian epic myths are artistically painted along its walls. This massive limestone hill is also a popular spot for rock climbing.

Dark Cave is the largest cave in the Batu Caves hill, located just below Temple Cave. The entrance is located at step number 204 of the 272 steps leading up to Temple Cave. The cave consists of about 2km of surveyed passages, making it the largest in the hill and it comprises 7 chambers, each with its own special features – stalagmites, stalactites, flowstone, cave pearls, curtain, column, cave straws and other features. Some of these formations take thousands of years to grow.


Lata Berembun, Malaysia [2-5 January 2015]

Lata Berembun is located 13km from Kampung Sungei Klau, in the state of Pahang (West Malaysia), positioned almost 1000m above sea level and halfway up the slopes of the massive 2000m high Gunung Benom.

Lata Berembun is a picturesque waterfall ideal for camping and even picnics. It is only accessible by 4×4 wheel drive that will take you past verdant fruit orchards and plantations growing guavas, durian and cocoa.

Lata Berembun consists of 3 waterfalls; 1 waterfall which overlooks the campsite, 1 mini waterfall and 1 main waterfall.


Krabi, Thailand [2-6 January 2015]

Situated along the Andaman coast of Southern Thailand, Krabi is one of Southern Thailand’s most picturesque provinces with perfect beaches and stunning scenery. The province is famous for its great natural beauty, which is characterised by the limestone that can be seen throughout the area. The 160km long coastline is dotted with bays, coves and limestone mountains rising from the sea, creating a fascinating landscape of tropical islands. Inland the limestone mountains contain a rich flora and fauna.


How to sign up:

We will be having our trip booths in NTU on from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm on 22 October 2015 (Thursday) at the linkway near Coffee Bean and Koufu. On 27 October 2015 ( Tuesday) , there will only be one booth at the linkway near Coffee Bean.

Some things to take note:

The prices stated on the posters are only applicable to NTU students only. External participants are subjected to a slightly higher price.

* Please come with your deposit when you sign up!

trip booth

Other Important information:

* You are able to purchase our ODAC tee at $8 for members and $13 for non members at our booths!

* We will be holding our 1 Star and 2 Star kayaking courses this December too. Don’t miss out!

1 Star Kayaking Course [19,20 December 2015]

2 Star Kayaking Course [19,20, 23 December 2015]

Kayaking poster 2

See you there!

Subcomm Trips 2015 [AY15/16]

During the recess week, our 6 subcommittees headed outdoors for their various subcomm bonding trips!

Looks like everyone enjoyed their much needed break from school and immerse themselves in the great outdoors!!

[Adsp9rts & FOOT 16 ]

Berkelah Falls

25-27 Sep 2015


Chiling Falls

25-27 Sep 2015

[ATC 16 & Pumpfest XIX ]

Berkelah Falls

28-30 Sep 2015

[Tr9k ]

Gunung Rajah

30 Sep – 03 Oct 2015



Till next time, STAY ADVENTUROUS!!

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