[24 October 2015]

Bang Bang Balls is Adsp9rts’ first family event that brings the whole ODAC family together again after the ODAC BBQ in September. As the name implies, we had a lot fun playing bubble soccer. Other than the regular bubble soccer, we had Bubble Invasion and Royal Rumble. In Bubble Invasion, the 2 teams are allocated a ‘house’. Upon the blow of the whistle, players are to attempt to invade and take over opposing team’s ‘house’ with all team members in it.  The teams with the higher score wins! Finally, all the teams will send their best player for the last mass game: Royal Rumble! The rule is simple for this one, the last one standing wins.  It was the first time we played bubble soccer for many of us. Bubble soccer is not as easy as it seems and we definitely would want to play it again!

A big thank you to Adsp9rts for bring the ODAC family closer!







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