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NTU ODAC Magazine 2016 Edition [AY2015/16]

Back to School: The latest edition of our annual NTU ODAC Magazine is finally here! It is available for viewing and digital download on our @ISSUU page. Join us as we review and reminisce the exciting events and beautiful sceneries from our overseas trips throughout the whole academic year of 2015/2016.
The physical copies will be available on our upcoming Annual General Meeting in late August. (while stocks last) Do look forward to them!!

Year in Review | NTU ODAC Videos [AY15/16]

It has been a wonderful year with everyone in NTU ODAC! :))

All of our 6 subcommittees and ODAC videos are available on our Facebook page and Youtube channel! Learn more about our subcomms and various exciting events and trips that we organise throughout the whole academic year of 2015/2016.

Alternatively, you can click and view all 7 videos from the Youtube playlist above!

Paddles Up 2016 [AY2015/16]

[17 – 19 June 2016 ]

An annual overseas kayak expedition organised by NTU ODAC Adsports Committee.

Paddles Up 2016 was a huge success thanks to each and every participants for their invaluable support!

Congratulations on clearing the 31.88km kayak expedition to Tioman Island, Malaysia! Hope to see you next year!

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Pumpfest 2016 [AY2015/16]

[10 – 12 June 2016]

In 2016, Pumpfest presented Bouldering Without Borders; hosting a live stream on YouTube throughout the entire event and invited overseas route setters from Japan. The support for the climbing community is constantly expanding with external collaborations from ongoing and new sponsors such as The North Face and Singtel. In line with the tagline of Bouldering Without Borders, Pumpfest was also honoured with the attendance of international climbers from American, Filipino, French, Indonesian, Malaysian, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnamese climbers joining the competition!

Pumpfest Boulder Without Borders would not have been possible without the highly efficient and capable team! The success of the event is attributed to the limitless support and effort of the Pumpfest committee. Pumpfest received copious assistance from the ODAC community and seniors as well! Even though we don’t show it, the contributions are very much appreciated! Running the event has allowed the entire team to get even closer to one another, continuously learning and growing from one another! It has been an ardous but fulfilling year for all of us, and it was worth it!  Here’s to more climbing sessions, drinking sessions and food hunts! Allez!

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