NTU ODAC consists of 6 subcommittees overseen by the Management (Main) Committee. These 6 subcommittees are Adsports, Adventure Trail Challenge (ATC), Bizmag, Freshmen Overseas Orientation Camp (F.O.O.T.), Pumpfest and Trek.



Adsports organises adventure sports events that bond the ODAC family together. These events are held throughout the year and include activities like paintball and mountain biking. Additionally, Adsports also organises an annual kayaking expedition to Malaysia known as Paddles Up.

ATC ’16

ATC ’16 is the organising committee for the annual time-based, sub-urban adventure race event, Adventure Trail Challenge. The race exposes its participants to unchartered routes around Singapore such as jungles, and sub-urban terrains. The trail is about 20-30 km with various outdoor activities such as cycling, kayaking and high element components.

Do keep lookout for their event in May 2016!


Bizma9 is in charge of sourcing for sponsors for various events that are organised by the other subcommittees. They are vital in retaining our major sponsors and making sure our events are able to run smoothly.

FOOT ’16

FOOT ’16 is the organiser of the only freshmen orientation camp in NTU that goes overseas. Footies (freshmen) not only get to enjoy mingling with new people, they also get to experience outdoor cooking in the forest!

FOOT ’16 will be held in July 2016.


Running for the 19th year, Pumpfest XIX is the organising committee for the nationwide bouldering competition that attracts over 700 participants each year.

Pumpfest will be held in June 2016.


Tr9k organises exciting trekking trips – amateur and advanced – for ODAC members and the public. These trips are held on every semester breaks. The trip differs every year, depending on the trek committee. Therefore, do look out for our booths in school and Facebook for the latest updates!