Month: October 2013

MINDEF Career Talk

Dear members

The first part of our career talk series started off with a BLAST!

For those who could not make it, don’t fret.Here’s the next career talk coming your way:)

NTU Psychology Society has invited 2 guest speakers from MINDEF Defence Management Group to share with us what it means to be a Defence Psychologist in the defence force.

It will be held on 30 October 2012 (Wednesday) at 4:30 pm in LT 18. 

We hope to see you there!

Best Regards

NTU Psychology Society

7th Executive Committee


Singapore Prison Service Career Talk

Dear Members

You have SPOKEN and we have HEARD!

Fitted to your interest as expressed in the recent Psychology Society Survey, we bring you the first career talk of 2013:)

NTU Psychology Society has invited Mr. Kwek Boon Siang, Assistant Director of the Mental Resilience Unit (Psychological Services Branch) down to NTU to share with us what it means to be a psychologist in the Singapore Prison Service.

Join us in this informative session tailored to undergraduates like yourselves on 18 October 2013 (Friday) in LT 17 at 4:30pm!

We hope to see you there:)

P.S. Make it a day to wear your Psychology T-shirts!

Best Regards

7th Executive Committee
NTU Psychology Society

Singapore Prison Service Career Talk Poster


Hi all


Thank you for your overwhelming response towards this T-shirt sales.

All payments should have been made over the last couple of weeks of school before recess week.

We appreciate everyone’s efforts for coming down to meet us.


However, for those who have missed the chance, kindly make your payment on Monday (7 October).

We will be stationed at the SAC from 11am to 3.30 pm.


Thank you!


Best Regards

NTU Psychology Society

7th Executive Committee

WINNERS for Psychology Society Annual Survey 2013

Dear all

We would like to express our appreciation towards everyone’s cooperation and participation in this year’s survey.

Your comments and feedback have been taken into great accounts towards this year’s events and activities.

As promised, 10 people have been randomly chosen in this year’s lucky draws and have been contacted individually on their win.

They are as follow:

  1. Wang Yi Mei
  2. Joan Seah
  3. Chen Fan Xuan
  4. Lin Xin Hui
  5. Fara Shazreen
  6. Melissa Choy
  7. Joanne Ho
  8. Joelene Tan
  9. Michele Lee
  10. Bryan Chong

Thank you all for your  participation.


Best regards

NTU Psychology Society

7th Executive Commitee

The NTU Psychology Society 6th Annual General Meeting Results

Dear members

On 14 August 2013, the 6th NTU Psychology Society AGM was held.

After going through the Annual Report for AY12/13, the elections for the 7th Excuetive Committtee promptly commenced.

With the  consensus of all the members who were present, we would like to present the newly elected 7th Executive Committee.


President : Yee Zhi Wei

Vice-Presdient: Jasmine Chan

Honorary General Secretary: Jelissa Ong

Assistant Honorary General Secretary: Leon Chen Ding Li

Financial Controller: Felicia Phua

Publicity Officer: Low Hui Hui

Special Projects Officer (Academics): Lim Zhong Hao

Special Projects Officer (Community): Natalie Kang

Special Projects Officer (Logistics): Caresse Yeo

Special Projects Officer (PFOC): Ester Lee


We would like to thank everyone for their continual support for Psychology Society throughout the years.

May we work together for an eventful Ay 13/14:)


Thank you.


Best Regards

NTU Psychology Society

7th Executive Committee