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Blood Donation and Donor Recruitment

The Blood Donation and Donor Recruitment (BDDR) portfolio organises all blood donation drives in NTU.

Community Involvement Programme

The Community Involvement Programme portfolio organises all RCY NTU events to communities outside NTU, such as to Red Cross Home for Disabled (RCHD).

First Aid

The First Aid portfolio is responsible for providing first aid support for events, be it on- or off-campus, and for preparing members towards first aid coverage.

Fund Raising

The Fund Raising portfolio is responsible for raising funds for various Red Cross events.

Publicity and IT

The Publicity and IT portfolio acts as a bridge between the Red Cross Youth NTU Chapter and the NTU population by creating awareness about the chapter’s events.


Red Cross Youth - NTU Chapter

The NTU Chapter of the Singapore Red Cross Society was set up in July 1994. We aim to provide volunteering opportunities to our members in many different events and activities within and outside of the university. Through the events organised by our 5 portfolios, members and volunteers will get to gain invaluable experiences in providing welfare services, leadership management and event planning. We are an event based club and our members have the flexibility to join and participate in our events as a volunteer (helping out on the day of event), sub-committee member (working with other sub-committee members to plan events), or a management committee member (additional responsibility in planning and ensuring success of events).

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24th Management Committee of Red Cross Youth NTU Chapter, Academic Year 2017/2018
Ong Mei Hui Jasmine
Chan Xian Qi
Vice President
Shu Jun Hao Gavin
Tang Shuqian
Toh Jopescu
Huang Zhilin
Vinnie Goh Mei Yin
Tan Si An Malcolm
First Aid
Yan Biao Guo
First Aid
Seet Wen Carissa
First Aid
Xu Xinyi
Josefanny Amadea Gunawan
Tang Zimo
Xu Yanbin
Jolene Tan Qiu Yin

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