Climb. Reach. Stick


Learn to Climb

 Join UMC and learn how to rock climb with friendly seniors

and knowledgeable training officers!

                                   Have FUN   

Enjoy climbing and interact with seniors. Be involved

in cohesions, rockclimbing trips, Bouldermania

carnival and local competitions.Make lots of friends.

In the end, it’s the company that matters. =)


SNCS1_2                                                                                                     294079_538379869505632_127730149_n

Level Up! 

Want to be independent in your high wall climbing?

Want be able go out and lead climb with your buddy?

Sign up for our Level 1 and 2 Singapore

National Climbing Standards (SNCS).

Level 1: Top-rope belaying and basic safety in climbing.

Level 2: Lead climb and lead belay.

   Adventurous Life 

Venture out and witness the exhilarating experience

of climbing on natural rocks such as granite and limestone.

Be one with nature and lead a life full of excitement.

Someday, you will step out of the comforts of the club

and write your own history of adventure.

Aspire to be bold.

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