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Past Events

Biomedical Engineering Lab Tour 2017

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Biomedical Engineering Lab Tour is an opportunity for JC/Polytechnic students to meet the biomedical faculty. The aim for this lab tour is to allow the aspiring future students to get a better understanding of the biomedical engineering and the specialization areas in biomedical engineering. This event is a joint collaboration between NTU BMES Club and NUS BME Club and supported by BES Singapore.

Career Talk 2017

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BMES organised a career talk that exposed our participants to a variety of fields in the biomedical industry and provides a platform to interact with industry leaders. BioMed Insights comprised of an informative speech by the guests as well as an interactive panel discussion with all 3 of them, where our participants were free to ask any burning questions.

Bright Vision Community Hospital Visit 2017

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NTU Biomedical Engineering Society organised a rehabilitation tour around Bright Vision Community Hospital. Bright Vision Hospital (BVH) is a 317 bed community hospital offering intermediate and long-term care services to about 1500 new patients a year. The hospital provides a fully integrated healthcare programme that serves the patients' physical, psychological, spiritual and social well-being.

The workshop was conducted by a trained therapist who supports patients to develop, recover and maintain their abilities while maximising their functional independence caused by acute illnesses or injuries. Some of the notable facilities that were witnessed were: inpatient rehabilitation care, outpatient rehabilitation care, Xbox game therapy, kitchen set with movable furniture as part of rehabilitation therapy and MOVE gallery showcasing different types of rehabilitative devices.

Industry Dinner 2016

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BES Industry Dinner is an annual event organized by Biomedical Engineering Society, Singapore and Biomedical Engineering Society (NTU Student Chapter). It serves as a platform for students to interact closely with representatives from various companies so as to gain a better understanding of the biomedical industry in Singapore. Check out the poster below for the participating companies.