Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Dharma,

We promptly welcome you onboard the mission CNS 2021: Revival of the Lost! In the year 207X, the world takes a catastrophic turn and the earth will be meeting its doom! Numerous earthquakes, treacherous floods, endless droughts and more, threatens the place we call home. As the number of survivors dwindle, we need YOU to join us on our mission to rescue humankind.

Will YOU choose to help us revive humanity?

Jump onboard our spacecraft now!

CNS is NTUBS’ annual camp which is held at the beginning of every academic year. It is mainly targeted at freshmen who have just been admitted into NTU. The objectives are to welcome the freshmen in NTU/NIE & to foster bonding and friendships among the committee and participants. This year, due to the Covid-19 Restrictions, we are going ONLINE. However, don’t let this stop you from enjoying all the perks you can get for FREE!

Don’t forget to mark your calendar now! The details are as follows:

Camp Title: Revival of the Lost
Theme: Resilience
Date: 14th – 15th August 2021 (Saturday – Sunday)
Timing: 1-6.30pm
Venue: Zoom
Fees: $0! (Instead, we issue you a Survival Pack and Rescue Team Uniform for free!)

I am interested to join the camp. What should I do next?

CNS 2021 is opened to all NTU and NIE students, including non-NTUBS members.

To register for CNS: kindly fill up the registration form found at this link: https://tinyurl.com/CampNirvana2021

You will receive a confirmation email upon successful registration.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us in this amazing journey and together we will bring Camp Nirvana Singapore to greater heights!

Should you have any doubts or inquiries, feel free to contact the Camp Master, Sis. Yong Wei at +65 8509 6284 or ntubscns@gmail.com

May you be well and happy,
CNS 2021 Committee
To Learn, To practice, To realise and To share




Do I need to be a Buddhist or have any Buddhism knowledge to join?

There is no requirement to join us. We are more than happy to welcome anybody to join and learn together as a community.

How do I join as a member?

Feel free to drop by at any of our events or contact our Hon. Gen Secretary at ntubs-secretary@e.ntu.edu.sg.

Do I need to commit?

Feel free to come to our events as and when you are free to. No commitment required. However, if you do join us for a committee/sub-committee position, certain level of commitment is required.

I am interested in to join the committee/sub-committee! How do I join?

We will have our recruitment drive around mid-late August period. Do check out our publication medium such as email, Facebook and Instagram for updates. However, do take note that you have to be a member to sign up for a committee/sub-committee position.


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Administrative Matters

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