Nanyang Technological University Buddhist Society (NTUBS) is a non-sectarian Buddhist society which provides various Dharma learning experience suitable for NTU community. It envisions propagating the Dharma and at the same time encouraging spiritual development. Walk the journey together with us to learn the noble knowledge, to practice the wholesome actions, to realize the potential and to share the benefits with all beings.
Explore it by yourself. Enhance your campus life with Buddhism today.


Our Motto:

To Learn, To Practise, To Realise, To Share


Our Objectives:

  • To propagate Buddhism to promote its Teaching, to foster and develop the qualities of Truth, loving-kindness and compassion in accordance with Buddhist Teachings and practices based on the triple gems: the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha
  • To foster fellowship, friendship and understanding among members irrespective of race and religion
  • To promote active participation in welfare and charitable work



  • Develop wisdom through the propagation of the Dharma
  • Strengthening bond through fellowship
  • To promote loving-kindness and compassion through action
  • Establishing identity through achievement



NTUBS Constitution (PDF)


Advisors and Patrons:

  • Spiritual Advisors:


Venerable K Rathanasara was born in South-Eastern Sri Lanka. He became a novice monk when he was 12. In 1998, he received a higher ordination at the Malwatu Maha Viharaya in Kandy, Sri Lanka. While being a monk, he continued his higher education and obtained Bachelor of Arts (Special) degree in Mass Communication as well as Master Degree in Buddhism (MA) at the University of Kelaniya. In 2001, he came to Singapore and became a resident monk at Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple. Currently, he is a founder and spiritual advisor of the Dhammakami Buddhist Society (DKBS).

  • Patrons:


Venerable Kwang Phing completed his higher education in 1978 in Nanyang University. After he was ordained in 1980, he went over to Taiwan, Thailand and Sri Lanka to discover more about the Dhamma. At the present time, he is a member of Presidential Council of Religious Harmony, the Abbot of Leong San See Temple, Director of Dhamma Studies of The Singapore Buddhist Federation, Secretary of Singapore Buddhist Federation Foundation as well as Advisor for The Buddhist Youth Leadership Training Course and National University of Singapore Buddhist Society. He has been conducting Dhamma classes and meditation sessions at temples and Buddhist organisations.


Venerable Tsang Hui is a well-known member in the Sangha community locally and internationally. He has been the vice president of both the World Chinese Buddhist Sangha Federation and the World Buddhist Sangha Congress.


Dr Ang Beng Choo worked for the Ministry of Education for 33 years as a school teacher, a teacher trainer, a lecturer, a school inspector, an administrator as well as a curriculum and textbook developer. She is a Buddhist practitioner and has often been invited to give a lecture and talks on personal development, family education, happy marriage and Dhamma in daily life.

  •  Staff Advisor:


Prof Tan Hun Tong is currently working as a professor of accounting at Nanyang Technological University. He is a devoted Buddhist practitioner who likes to share the Dhamma at various Buddhist organisations.


Mailing Address:

One Stop @ SAC
50 Nanyang Avenue
NS3-01-03, Academic Complex North
Singapore 639798


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