Dharma Talk: Why Give Alms?

We are happy and honored to have Sis. Sylvia Bay as the guest speaker for the event. She is a Buddhist scholar and practitioner that has been a regular speaker at local and regional Buddhist organisations since 2001.

37th NTUBS Anniversary

On 28 February 2020, NTUBS celebrated its 37th anniversary alongside LBSCC’s 17th anniversary and NTUBSA’s 27th anniversary.

Representatives from the various associations came down and joined NTUBS members for the bash. Buffet dinner, puja and offerings, exciting games, entertaining videos, heartfelt singing–you name it, we have it!

In line with this year’s theme “cherish the past, embrace the future”, free photo printing was made available to let guests bring a piece of memory about this event and NTUBS wherever they go.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who came, and we hope that NTUBS, NTUBSA and LBSCC will achieve even greater heights in the years to come!

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