The brainchild of the NBS Information Technology (IT) and Operations Management department, NBS Business Analytics Club (former BizIT club) strives to promote and drill IT knowledge and Big Data Essentials within our members thus allowing them to become well rounded and well-equipped Data Analysts and Information System (IS) professionals. NBS Business Analytics Club understands that today’s markets are rapidly evolving with massive volume of data out there waiting for professionals to make sense out of it and translate into useful business insights. Hence, we recognize a need to equip our students with relevant data analysis skillsets and keep them up to date with the latest technological advancements as well as the impacts they can make on the market.


NBS Business Analytics Club is committed to informing and educating our members the latest trends on IT and Big Data which will allow them to make informed decisions on their career development. We also link our members to the IS Professionals out there in the marketplace who will help our members in their career developments as well. The committee comprises of penultimate and final year undergraduates from the Business IT and Business Analytics major. Our members are made up of all undergraduates from the Business/Accoutancy IT and BA major as well as double degree students studying Business and Computing.


To grow and support the BA community in NBS.


To broadcast Big Data and IT information, enrich students and support improvements within the PFA/ BA major so as to make a positive difference in our students’ lives and evolve as the major of choice for all. We are committed to provide a channel for our students to network with Business Analytics professionals and allow them to make informed decisions as they transit from studies to employment.