About Us

CN Yang Scholars Programme

The CN Yang Scholars Programme (CNYSP) is one of the Premier Scholars Programme in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) for the best Science and Engineering students with a deep passion in science and engineering for the high-technology world of the 21st century. Our highly interdisciplinary programme provides a strong and broad foundation in the basics of science, mathematics and engineering, and empowers the students to delve deeper into any discipline in science and engineering. Each year, only students with outstanding performance are admitted into the programme.


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CN Yang Scholars’ Club

The CN Yang Scholars’ Club (CNYSC) is set up and run by the scholars of the CNYSP. The executive committee and subcommittee is elected by the scholars on an annual basis. Currently, our club consists of a total of 196 scholars.

Ensuring the welfare of our scholars forms the basis of our executive committee and subcommittee. The high-quality activities organised by the committee promotes bonding among local and international scholars from countries such as Malaysia, China and India. Through this, the committee strives to provide every member a fruitful and memorable experience during their time in NTU. Beyond providing welfare for scholars, the club also consists of portfolios which aims to secure partnerships with various external organisations. These organisations offer monetary sponsorships or opportunities such as internships and future career prospects