Breaking the Internet

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Breaking the internet, organised by the Special Projects committee, provided me with the platform for me to step away from our commitments, be it academic or non-academic. The event was held physically, with appropriate COVID-19 safety measurements in place for the organisers and participants.

Heart of the cards?

The event comprised tasks for the team to complete, in order to receive hints for us to tackle our final task which consisted of riddles. There were challenges such as enacting popular memes and videos found on the internet, which allowed us to let loose and have fun with our friends. Riddles and puzzles were also engaging which really motivated my team to strive for first place (healthy competition!).

Most likely an Avengers reference

The event was held on a Thursday evening, which allowed me to end my week on a good note, especially when all of us were drained from the increasing academic workload in the middle of the semester. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the interactions with my friends, and really had the opportunity to de-stress and take a breather from the hectic university life.