CNYSP FOP 2020 – Astris Scientia


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Joslyn (Nihal)

To be honest I was quite sad that there wasn’t a physical FOP ? But the virtual FOP was an interesting and fulfilling experience too. I thought that it will be awkward since it’s online but the seniors were very welcoming and enthusiastic which made it easier for us to talk and participate during the virtual FOP. Furthermore, the orientation group was smaller which it made it easier for me to get to know my batchmates that were in the same orientation group as me. I also enjoyed playing Code Names and the escape room, especially the part where we have to do different poses as a group ? Overall, I think the CNYSP FOP was the best virtual FOP I’ve attended!

Nihal forming a heart

Think-E (Altair)

It was unfortunate that we could not have our physical FOP which I was looking forward to, but the virtual FOP was much better than expected and provided a great opportunity for us to meet some of our new classmates and seniors before school started. The seniors were all very friendly and enthusiastic, which made it easier for all of us to open up too. Some of the online games were pretty entertaining such as the song challenge, which allowed us to discover some of our batchmates’ hidden talent in singing! Overall, it was a great experience!

Scavenger hunt!

From Zann and Zhen Xuan, FOP 2020 Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson

We hope that everyone has enjoyed CNYSP FOP 2020 and has gotten to know their batchmates and some seniors during this one-day event, and that it was a good start to your journey in the CN Yang Scholars Programme. We had a blast planning your FOP and we hope that the freshmen batch will enjoy planning FOP 2021 for the next batch of freshmen! It was a wonderful learning experience for the seniors as well and one that was full of ups and downs, but we had enjoyed trying and testing the games to make sure that it will be a fun day for everyone and we had become better friends along the way. We would like to thank everyone, juniors and seniors alike, for their enthusiasm during CNYSP FOP 2020, and we wish the next FOP organizing committee all the best!