Escaping Wonderland

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Escaping Wonderland was a well-timed break from the stress of midterms.

Although there was no particular order enforced for the station games, the movement from station to station was quite smooth for my group. Not having to follow a sequence was a fresh experience that was surprisingly enjoyable. We were given the liberty to choose and freely explore the playzone, which fit nicely into the theme of escaping a new, familiar, yet foreign environment. The winning conditions added excitement to the event, and my group enjoyed figuring out the hints that the gamemasters provided. The deviation from the norm of solely playing station games to win points was one of my favourite aspects of the event.

FOP throwback, anyone?

Through this event, I’m glad that I managed to talk to more people outside my social circle, and I also made new friends in the process, while strengthening existing friendships. I would like to heartily thank the Special Projects portfolio for organising this event. It was truly an enjoyable night that set the bar high for other upcoming events.

Which was more stressful, midterms or defusing a bomb?