Master Chef Yang!

Link to Gallery BY JOSEPH SEBASTIAN ANG During Master Chef Yang, we were taught how to make three (relatively) simple dishes – focaccia with salmon rillettes, pan-seared ribeye and tiramisu. We observed the chef create these dishes and then recreated them ourselves. It was easier since all ingredients were prepared for us, but there were still many things to look out for. Having a group … Continue reading Master Chef Yang!

Just Uke and Me: Ukulele Workshop

Link to Gallery BY VIERNES CARISSA KRISTEL VILLAMARZO Playing a musical instrument is something many people do to relax and get away from the stresses of life. With the stress of midterms looming up ahead, it was a joy to have two instructors from Ukulele Movement teach us how to play the ukulele. We started by learning to tune the ukulele to the standard “G-C-E-A” … Continue reading Just Uke and Me: Ukulele Workshop

Making Cents

Link to Gallery A Financial Literacy Workshop BY TAN ZHAO KUANG Earning money is hard, keeping money is harder. Financial literacy is a skill we all need in our daily lives, especially as we start earning money and taking up more responsibilities. The Holistic Development Portfolio is proud to present to you… Making Cents! Everyone was ending their lessons and streaming in. As they registered … Continue reading Making Cents