PSP Sports Day 2019

Link to Gallery BY HUANG RUO CHENG 30th March marked a very special day for all the Premier Scholars in NTU, the annual Premier Scholars Program Sports Day is here! Everyone was up early and preparing for the sports day even before the event began. Our excitement warmed up the atmosphere despite the morning drizzle in NTU. While most of the scholars are not particularly … Continue reading PSP Sports Day 2019

The PEW! War

Link to Gallery BY TU WEI HAN Pew! Silence fell in this dimly-lit room. Everyone was aiming down the barrel intensely. My heart pounded harder than ever. I could feel blood rush into my brain, giving heightened awareness and sight in the darkness. Droplets of sweat streamed down my cheeks. We were all in position, some of us behind waist high covers, others camping behind … Continue reading The PEW! War