Resume Writing Workshop

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Conducted by Mr Leo Tan from the Career and Attachment Office, the Resume Writing Workshop held by the Holistic Development Portfolio provided great insight into what employers are looking out for in a resume.

Besides going through the content required in a resume, Mr Tan also engaged us by provided samples of resumes from different people, which gave us a chance to put ourselves in the shoes of an employer. By making us see things from the perspective of a different stakeholder, I was able to understand first-hand why certain resumes are particularly attractive to employers while others are not.

Our scholars looking at example resumes.

Furthermore, Mr Tan was also able to provide pointers for writing a resume for research attachments, as it has different requirements from a normal job-seeking resume. Given the research-focused nature of the CN Yang Programme, this special consideration was especially appreciated.

The workshop also included a segment on LinkedIn. Besides teaching us some basic functions, Mr Tan highlighted the usefulness of LinkedIn as a tool for professional communication, especially in the age of digitalisation.

Mr Tan giving important pointers about writing resumes, take note!

I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from this session and I’m sure the other scholars in attendance did too.