Resume Writing Workshop

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The Resume workshop was certainly a helpful and eye-opening experience. As an undergraduate student, I have had my eyes set on resume making tips for a while. It is an important skill that is applicable to anyone in search for a job.

One of the most important tips was to tailor and frame my accomplishments in a way that is attractive and relevant to the employer. One’s resume is more than just the consolidation one’s skills and talents and it is definitely not an autobiography. Instead, it should be seen as a quick and brief overview of one’s skills that are relevant to the job.

Key components of a resume

Presentation of the information is also crucial. Typos, formatting errors can be deal breakers in the highly competitive job landscape as they can be seen as evidence of a lazy person with poor attention to detail. In the workshop, Leo from CAO gave us the opportunity to review several sample resumes. He also gave us time to discuss and choose who we would choose as a potential employee. This is an interesting exercise since viewing job hunts from the employer’s perspective is not intuitive. Stepping in the employer’s shoes is also extremely helpful in clearing past misconceptions.

Online presence is also important in securing corporate networking opportunities. LinkedIn is an online platform that is increasingly relevant to the 21st century. Not only do job hunters, but also CEOs and industry leaders are on the prowl for potential collaborations and networking opportunities. LinkedIn is the platform of the future and I believe too few people know about it today. I will definitely update my profile regularly and look to spread the word on the platform’s importance in the modern day and age.

Jeremy listening intently at the workshop

Overall, the resume workshop was not a disappointment as I have learnt plenty. I will keep Leo’s words in mind and work on previous drafts of my resume.