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BY NEO WEI MING – On 4th December 2020, the Social & Welfare Committee organized a Christmas-themed event ‘WhiteOut’ for participants to have fun and relax after the grueling period of mugging for examinations and to mark the end of semester 1 for AY20/21. It was an event filled with fun, games, laughter, and freebies.

We were first split into groups of up to four participants and each group was assigned a room, in accordance with the Covid-19 safety protocols. Each room had a game master, donned with a cute Christmas headband, who facilitated the games.

Several games were planned out for the participants and prizes were to be won for the top 2 groups with the highest score. One of the more memorable games was to guess the lyrics of Christmas-themed songs. Who would have recalled the lyrics of Christmas songs when our minds were still intoxicated by the stuff that we remembered for our exams? My group ended up doing countless of forfeits in exchange for hints and making several intellectual guesses with the hints given.

Another game was to search for the ‘lost’ stickers that were pre-planted in the room by the game master. Combing the room like FBI agents, my team was able to find all but one sticker. Who would have thought that our sneaky game master placed the last sticker on her headband? With each sticker comes with a Christmas-related riddle to solve. Admittedly, some of the answers were punny and some of them were obvious to the point of being overlooked. Nonetheless, a few of them were pretty decent though!   

In the end, my group won the 1st runner up ✌️. Overall, considering the freebies, vouchers and, more importantly, the company and experience, I guess it was worth the time travelling to NTU for the event! I’m sure all the participants were appreciative of the efforts that went into the planning for this event. Kudos the Social & Welfare and Press & Publicity committees for making this event meaningful and memorable! 

I wish everyone an early Merry Christmas ? and hopefully, 2021 will be a better year for everyone!