Pulau NTU Challenge

The Pulau NTU Challenge is a series of small challenges held virtually and done at your own time and space.   Participate in our online activities on Instagram via Digital Pawprints or embark on a treasure hunt with NTU Explorer.  … Continued

WEEK 2 : NTU Biodiversity Week

The second week, also known as NTU Biodiversity Week, is centered around Biodiversity & Conservation. Join us as we dive into a week of nature appreciation and wildlife protection, through a series of exciting workshops, games and a research symposium! … Continued

AdveNTUre Nature Walk

Look out for the butterflies and dragonflies at Yunnan Gardens and learn how the plants remediate the waters at Nanyang Lake. Or perhaps peer into the trees (ooh hoot!) along Hall 8 and find out about pioneering species near ADM; … Continued

Our Campus in Nature Dialogue Session

Virtual (Zoom)

An online dialogue session featuring a stellar panel of guests, including our Guest-of-Honour, Mr Desmond Lee, Minister for National Development and Minister-in-charge of Social Services Integration; Prof Kwok Kian Woon, NTU’s Associate Vice-President (Wellbeing); Assoc Prof Valerie Du Toit-Low, NTU’s Deputy Associate Provost … Continued

Learn Through Play

LHS-TR+12 (The Hive, Level B4)

Learn about biodiversity and the interconnectedness of nature through a friendly board game session with your friends! Book a slot with up to five people to play board games related to biodiversity, conservation, and evolution!   Featured games include Fly-A-Way, Wingspan, PHYLO, and … Continued

Strays & Pets Workshop

Virtual (Zoom)

Ever tried to pet a stray cat, only to have it avoid you at all costs? Ever had your room invaded by monkeys, and didn’t know how to stop them? Do you look forward to owning a pet, but don’t … Continued

Research Symposium

Virtual (Zoom)

Open your eyes to exciting research in the field of wildlife and biodiversity!   A collaboration between Asian School of the Environment Club and Earthlink NTU, this research symposium titled “Conservation Conversations” will bring together and showcase the latest research efforts from … Continued

Wildlife 101 Workshop


Located at the edge of the Western Catchment forest, the NTU community is no stranger to human-wildlife encounters.   Come down to our Wildlife 101 workshop and learn what to do when a cute macaque pays a visit to your … Continued

WEEK 3 : Sustainable Living Week

Last but not least, Sustainable Living Week features the Bring Your Own! (BYO) Campaign, The Plastic Project Learning Journey (TPP) and Earth Hour! Come join us to learn how to reduce our carbon footprints. Our final week questions the ethos … Continued

Repair Hack Workshop

LHN-TR+05 (The Arc, Level B2)

Every year, large amounts of e-waste are generated globally. Learn how you can do your part in reducing this, by joining us in learning how to fix your computers.   In this Repair Hack Workshop, you will be equipped with the … Continued

Alt.native Refashioning Workshop

LHN-TR+13 (The Arc, Level 1)

Refashioning – a practice to upcycle old clothes, giving unwanted fabrics a new purpose and extending their lifespan. Sounds simple, but not everyone is equipped with the relevant skills to carry out such tasks.   In collaboration with Alt.native, a start-up … Continued

Earth Hour with West Coast CC


Earth Hour 2022 is an annual event organised in collaboration with West Coast CC. This year, the weeks prior to Earth Hour 2022 will see exciting activities in the virtual Festival of Events to further bring the West Coast community … Continued